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Erin Sikorsky

Erin Sikorsky
Director, The Center for Climate and Security
Director, The International Military Council on Climate and Security

Erin Sikorsky is Director of the Center for Climate and Security (CCS), and the International Military Council on Climate and Security (IMCCS). She is an expert in geopolitical risk, strategic forecasting, and the national security implications of climate change, particularly the nexus of geopolitical competition and climate change. Previously, Erin served as Deputy Director of the Strategic Futures Group on the National Intelligence Council (NIC) in the United States, where she co-authored the quadrennial Global Trends report and led the US intelligence community’s environmental and climate security analysis. She was the founding chair of the Climate Security Advisory Council, a Congressionally mandated group designed to facilitate coordination between the intelligence community and US government scientific agencies. Prior to her position on the National Intelligence Council, she worked as a senior analyst in the US intelligence community for over a decade, leading teams examining conflict and instability risks in Africa and the Middle East, and won the National Intelligence Analysis Award. 

Ms. Sikorsky is an adjunct professor at George Mason University, where she designed and teaches a course on climate change and national security. She is also a contributing editor at Lawfare, a consultant for the Defense Science Board, a member of the Climate Migration Council, a life member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and serves on the advisory board of the Smith College Center for Environment, Ecological Design and Sustainability. She is regularly featured in television interviews on CNN, the BBC, and the Weather Channel, as well as public radio shows and podcasts such as The World, Here and Now, Chatter and America Adapts. She has published articles in a range of outlets, including Foreign Policy, Survival, Lawfare, War on the Rocks, The HillJust Security, and The Cipher Brief. Ms. Sikorsky earned a Master of International Affairs at Columbia University, and a B.A. in government from Smith College.

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