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Dr. Troy Sternberg

Dr. Troy SternbergDr. Troy Sternberg

Dr. Troy Sternberg is a member of the Center for Climate and Security’s Advisory Board, and British Academy Post-doctoral Research Fellow in the School of Geography, Oxford University. His research focuses on the interaction of natural hazards with societies and the environment in the Gobi Desert, including hazard identification, social exposure and resilience and the evolving climate and hazard impact on human systems. In particular, he explores how drought, dzud (extreme winter) and climate influence human opportunity and security in the Gobi region of northern China and southern Mongolia. His interests center on desert processes – natural hazards, water, drought, climate, degradation, pastoralism, livelihoods, development and expanding dryland knowledge. He has contributed to a number of peer-reviewed journals, including the International Journal of Climatology and the Forced Migration Review. Troy holds a Doctorate in Philosophy (D.Phil) from Oxford University.

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