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Update: Global Security Defense Index on Climate Change

071127-N-7955L-130The American Security Project (ASP) has just released an updated version of its Global Security Defense Index on Climate Change, which examines how national security establishments across the globe view (and address) climate change. The update hones in on a handful of specific countries, including Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, China, Guyana, India, South Korea, and the United Kingdom. Here is a description of the index, and update ,from the ASP website:

The Global Security Defense Index on Climate Change determines to what extent governments around the world consider climate change to be a national security issue, and how their militaries and national security communities have begun to plan for the effects of climate change.

The preliminary results, that were published last year, were stark: about 70% of nations in the world explicitly stated that climate change was a national security concern. Almost all nations that have official military planning have stated that their government considers missions like humanitarian assistance and disaster relief as critical responsibilities of their armed forces.

This updated Global Security Defense Index includes far greater detail for a sample of individual nations. Ultimately, this index will contain analysis of every nations’ perception and response to climate change.

See the project page for access to the index and more information.

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