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Update: Global Security Defense Index on Climate Change

071127-N-7955L-130The American Security Project (ASP) has just released an updated version of its Global Security Defense Index on Climate Change, which examines how national security establishments across the globe view (and address) climate change. The update hones in on a handful of specific countries, including Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, China, Guyana, India, South Korea, and the United Kingdom. Here is a description of the index, and update ,from the ASP website: (more…)

Margaret Thatcher on Climate and Environmental Risks

Margaret_Thatcher_headshotMargaret Thatcher, the late former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, is known for many things. But her stance on climate change risks is usually not one of them.

As reported by the BBC news today, Prime Minister Thatcher expressed grave concerns about environmental degradation and climate change in the late 1980s. Though UK policies at the time did not necessarily match the rhetoric, and Thatcher’s public views changed later in life, her speech at the United Nations on November 8, 1989 allegedly had a significant impact on civil society in the UK. Here are excerpts from the speech cited by the BBC’s Roger Harrabin: (more…)

Rear Admiral Neil Morisetti as UK Climate Change Envoy Admiral Neil Morisetti, the tireless former Climate and Energy Security Envoy for the United Kingdom, has been appointed to serve as the UK’s interim climate change envoy by the British Foreign Secretary, William Hague. For at least the next nine months, this puts Admiral Morisetti in charge of international climate change negotiations, where he will join his U.S. counterpart Todd Stern. We look forward to his contribution in this space, where he will be in a position to offer a very useful security perspective to the climate talks.

Also, if you subscribe to E&E news, Lisa Friedman published a good writeup this morning on the appointment, and the UK’s evolving climate priorities.

Nicholas Stern: I underestimated the risks

Nicholas_SternThe Guardian reported on Saturday that Nicholas Stern, who authored a highly respected and influential and review on climate change commissioned by the UK government in 2006, has stated that he underestimated the pace of climatic change, and the associated risks. From the article: (more…)