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ACORE’s U.S. Military and Renewable Energy Industry Forum

US_Navy_SECNAV_Ground Renewable Expeditionary Energy SystemACORE will be hosting its “U.S. Military & Renewable Energy Industry Forum” next Thursday, July 18. It should be interesting and productive, as are all their conferences. Click here to register. Below is a description of the forum from the ACORE website:


The Department of Defense has heard the industry’s message about how to effectively deploy renewable energy, but significant challenges remain. As the military transitions from testing and goal setting to deploying active project pipelines, close industry engagement remains imperative to ensure that DoD is fully informed in selecting the right technologies and managing acquisitions effectively. Join us in Washington, DC to participate in the discussion with military and industry leaders, as the military services and renewable energy industry strategize ways to address the challenges that remain for renewable energy in military operations, transportation, and at bases. View the program and register today.

Topics discussed will include:

  • How shifting global military priorities will impact operational energy demands and renewable energy’s key role
  • The latest updates to service energy plans, and whether sequestration will prevent or delay the attainment of targets
  • How the services plan to streamline procurement and standardize contracting to facilitate the adoption of successful projects
  • Monetizing the value of security, budget scoring rules and other policy issues related to achieving the full value of renewable energy solutions in both security and financial terms

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