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ACORE’s U.S. Military and Renewable Energy Industry Forum

US_Navy_SECNAV_Ground Renewable Expeditionary Energy SystemACORE will be hosting its “U.S. Military & Renewable Energy Industry Forum” next Thursday, July 18. It should be interesting and productive, as are all their conferences. Click here to register. Below is a description of the forum from the ACORE website: (more…)

ACORE’s Power Generation and Infrastructure Forum

091014-N-8273J-024The American Council on Renewable Energy, which is run by distinguished Vice Admiral Dennis V. McGinn, USN (ret), is hosting its “Power Generation and Infrastructure Forum” on April 18 in Portland, Oregon. The forum will explore the “opportunities and challenges related to the expanded use of renewable electricity in the western U.S.” For full details, check out their website. Judging by past ACORE fora, this should be both a stimulating and productive session.

U.S. Department of Defense Releases Operational Energy Strategy Implementation Plan

DoD released its new Operational Energy Strategy Implementation Plan on Friday, which follows from last year’s release of the strategy itself. The plan fleshes out the strategy’s three-pillar approach, reiterating the key energy pathways for a “stronger force:” (more…)

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