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Climate Change in Australia’s New National Security Strategy

Australia_Weather-map-WA-28FEB06The Australian government has just released its new national security strategy titled “Strong and Secure: A Strategy for Australia’s National Security.” Within its fifty-eight pages, the security challenge of climate change is featured under the heading of “broader global challenges with national security implications,” and described in the following way:

The more severe effects of climate change, in particular the increase in frequency and severity of natural disasters, compounded by competition over scarce natural resources, may contribute to instability and tension around the globe, especially in fragile states.

The strategy document also identifies eight national security “pillars,” and Australia’s priority actions in each area. Under its “Promoting a secure international environment conducive to Australia’s interest” pillar, the strategy highlights “Partnering with developing States in our region to manage the implications of climate change” as a key response.

Lastly, in highlighting “future actions,” the strategy includes:

Working with likeminded regional middle powers to manage proactively the strategic implications of shared global challenges, including climate change, and food and energy security.

Worth a look.

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