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U.S. and Dutch National Security and Business Leaders Talk Climate Risks


Dr. Marcus King, Hon. John Conger, Hon. Sherri Goodman, Brigadier General Stephen Cheney at Washington, D.C., Hague Roundtable

By Shiloh Fetzek, Senior Fellow for International Affairs

“We have learned through the centuries what it is to live with water, to be flooded from time to time. After the 1953 flood [in the Netherlands] in which 3,000 people died, you learn to not waste that learning opportunity and to share it with others.” – Netherlands Ambassador to the US, Henne Schuwer

The Center for Climate and Security co-hosted a Hague Roundtable on Climate & Security* event in Washington D.C. on Tuesday, April 24, 2018, in collaboration with the Institute for Environmental Security, the Elliott School of International Affairs at George Washington University and the Embassy of the Netherlands in the US and IHE Delft. The Roundtable was graciously opened by Ambassador Henne Schuwer, the Ambassador of the Netherlands to the United States.   (more…)

New Report: Action on Climate and Security Risks

Action on Climate and Security RisksLast week, a new report was released by the Planetary Security Initiative (PSI), a multi-organization consortium including the Center for Climate and Security, and coordinated by the Netherlands’ Clingendael Institute. The report, titled Action on Climate and Security Risks, reviews global progress made to date on addressing the security implications of a changing climate. The review includes both significant concerns, and reasons for optimism. From the announcement:


More Than 70 Countries Tell UN Security Council to Prioritize Climate Security Risks

UN_security_council_2005As part of New Zealand’s July presidency of the UN Security Council, the country hosted a debate around matters of interest to small island developing nations under the heading, “Maintenance of international peace and security: peace and security challenges facing small island developing States.” Not surprisingly, climate risks to these nations were prevalent throughout the discussion. This debate built on an Arria-formula meeting held earlier in the year looking at climate risks to state fragility.  (more…)

UN Security Council Meeting on Climate Change as a Threat Multiplier for Global Security

UN_security_council_2005On June 30th, 2015, the UN Security Council (UNSC) held an open Arria-formula meeting on the role of climate change as a threat multiplier for global security. The meeting was co-hosted by the Permanent Missions of Spain and Malaysia. The aim of the meeting, according to the prepared concept note, was “to better identify the inter-connected threats to international peace and security related to Climate Change.” The concept note continues: “Everyday more countries are incorporating climate change considerations into their national security policies and since Climate Change is, and will be, altering geopolitical dynamics, it seems necessary to develop more structured means of addressing this issue from an international perspective.” A list of speakers and statements is available below and here. (more…)

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