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Shiloh Fetzek

Shiloh Fetzek_2016Shiloh Fetzek
Senior Fellow for International Affairs

Shiloh Fetzek is Senior Fellow for International Affairs at the Center for Climate and Security, and Research Coordinator for the International Military Council on Climate and Security (IMCCS). Shiloh leads international programs at the Center, and chairs the primary collaborative forum for international cooperation on climate change and security, the Climate and Security Working Group-International (CSWG-I). She has published widely with the Center, including as author of “The Alliance in a Changing Climate: Bolstering the NATO Mission Through Climate Preparedness,” and “Climate, Coffee and Security” and co-author of “Europe’s Responsibility to Prepare: Managing Climate Security Risks in a Changing World,” among many others. She is a security analyst focusing on climate change and environment, based at international affairs and security think tanks since 2007. She  previously led climate security research projects at the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) and the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) in London, and was Senior Research Associate for Environment, Climate Change and Security at International Alert. Ms. Fetzek’s research interests include the social and political repercussions of rapid, large-scale ecological change and their interplay with other drivers of insecurity, including demographic dynamics. At International Alert, she contributes to the New Climate for Peace project commissioned by the G7 Foreign Ministers, along with other research and policy initiatives. Her research areas at IISS included climate and demographic security, Syria and the Arctic. As Head of the Climate Change and Security Programme at RUSI, she led two projects in collaboration with the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office on China and Mexico/Central America. She holds a BA in Justice and Peace Studies from the University of St Thomas in St Paul, Minnesota, and an MA in International Politics and Security Studies from the University of Bradford’s Peace Studies department in the United Kingdom.

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