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The Planetary Security Initiative

The Planetary Security Initiative (PSI) is a three-psi_logo_600x360px-2year initiative run by a consortium of leading think tanks (including the Center for Climate and Security), and coordinated by Clingendael.  The goal of the PSI is to strengthen the knowledge-policy interface by consolidating a community of practice on planetary security – with climate and security issues serving as an important topic. A key to consolidating this community of practice are three core outputs.

Policy Briefs

The Center for Climate and Security, with the PSI Initiative team, will be producing a series of policy briefs on a number of climate and security topics.

Annual Conference

A central element of the PSI will be the “milestones” of the annual conferences organized in The Hague. The 2016 conference will be organized in the Peace Palace, which underlines the focus on how tackling planetary security questions is essential to furthering international cooperation, conflict prevention and sustainable security. In 2016, the Center for Climate and Security, as members of the PSO Coordinating Group, will be convening two working groups:

Working Group 8: Using Foresight Tools to Manage Systemic Risk
Working Group 12: Climate Risk Management for the Defence and Intelligence Communities

Strategic Consultations

The annual conferences will provide an opportunity for the community of practice on this topic to meet in person. In addition, the consortium will ensure that the PSI links to other networks and has the visibility that is necessary to link up and enlarge the community of practice. Furthermore, a the PSI will adopt a strong digital presence, serving to facilitate information to the general public, attract stakeholders, and increase thematic awareness.


The annual conferences are intended to be supported by two substantial reports, framing a broad theme in advance  of the actual conference and providing a “solution narrative” for policy makers. During the conference, twelve or more workshops will provide the basis for tailored policy briefs on the contemporary key topics individually selected for each conference. Besides the reports and policy briefs, the PSI anticipates a number of supportive publications in the form of op-eds, country studies, infographics, interviews, commentaries, interactive tools and more.

In 2015, the Center for Climate and Security, as members of the PSI Advisory Board and convenors of two working groups, contributed to the conference report released by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs: “Planetary Security: Peace and Cooperation in Times of Climate Change  and Global Environmental Challenges.”

This included reports from:

Working Group 1: Analysis of Syria
Working Group 5: The World in 2050: A Far Future Scenario Workshop

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For more information on the Planetary Security Initiative, please visit the PSI website.