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Read, Watch, Listen: CCS Across the Web | October 2022

By Brigitte Hugh

Welcome to “Read, Watch, Listen” from the Center for Climate and Security (CCS), a monthly round-up highlighting some of the articles, interviews, and podcasts featuring the CCS network of experts.  

In October, anticipation of the 27th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 27) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) led to increased interest in the challenges climate change poses for security worldwide. See how CCS experts tackled the various discussions this month. 


  • Sherri Goodman (Senior Strategist) and Pauline Baudu (non-resident research assistant) contributed a 2040 scenario exploring the geopolitics of a decarbonized future to The Berlin Pulse


  • Advisory Board Member, Gen. Tom Middendorp (ret.), spoke on a panel focused on the security importance of a Green Europe. (Warsaw Security Forum)
  • Ahead of COP27, Director Erin Sikorsky analyzed the international security implications of recent reports from the International Energy Agency and the UN, noting that the world is progressing faster than ever towards green energy, yet greater investment is needed. (BBC News)
  • Brigitte Hugh (Research Fellow), participated in an event discussing climate-related migration and the gaps in protection for those affected. (Plus Institute)
  • Sikorsky spoke on a panel on climate and security with Andrea Cameron, a member of the Climate and Security Working Group (CSWG), during a symposium on evolving global security challenges hosted by the Oklahoma Aerospace & Defense Innovation Institute


  • Director Emeritus, John Conger, discussed the difficulties for the defense sector in facing consecutive extreme weather events while trying to prepare for the future. (The Red Line)
  • Conger warned that as climate resilience resources increase, especially in the military, strategy will be paramount in order to avoid maladaptation. (CDA Institute)
  • Sikorsky spoke about the various climate security challenges facing China and their priorities in responding. (The Red Line)
  • With the release of the new Air Force climate security plan, Conger discussed the differences and similarities between each of the military service plans. (The Defense Scoop Podcast)


  • Conger highlighted the pieces of the new Air Force Climate plan which stand out to him. (E&E News)

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