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Climate and Security Week(s) in Review: November 5-18


Jackson Hole Global Forum Climate Change and National Security Panel

Here are a list of notable headlines and comments on climate and security matters from the past several weeks. If we’ve missed any, let us know.

  • Nov 18 – Kenneth Matheson, an unmanned aircraft system pilot with , prepares his fixed-wing drone before a flight Nov. 17. Matheson and the UAS team were asked to deploy to Florida to support recovery operations following Hurricane
  • Nov 18 – Lots of discussion about climate change in the 116th Congress – Here’s a look specifically at | Forecast: Climate Change and Security in the 116th Congress

  • Nov 17 – NASA global temperature is out! Second warmest October on record. The past five are the only Octobers on record more than 1 °C warmer than the average of 1880-1910 via @rahmstorf
  • Nov 16 – . continues to support along with other local, state and federal partners battling multiple wildfires throughout the state, but here they’re shown fighting the . Go Guard! via @USNationalGuard
  • Nov 13 – New tool from not only compares climate vulnerability & readiness of 270 US cities, it also shows variation within cities via @McCannEcology
  • Nov 15 – Attending a training at Nairobi to understand the interplay of climate change and security in which Nepal and Sudan are becoming a part of project implementation in collaboration with UNEP Geneva via @gopalpghimire
  • Nov 15 – | Today, Minister will meet with his Norwegian counterpart, Ine Eriksen Soreide, to discuss key international issues, including: European security, climate change, the Sahel & the Middle East. Learn more via @francediplo_EN
  • Nov 14 – From Lagos to Kinshasa, wilder weather and other stresses related to change could lead to knock-on effects such as high crime rates and civil unrest, analysts warn via @TRF_Climate
  • Nov 12 – NASA’s Advanced Rapid Imaging and Analysis (ARIA) team observes California’s wildfires & the damages they’re leaving behind from space. via @NASAEarth
  • Nov 14 – Climate, water and energy security for Jordan, Palestine and Israel was the theme of the two days EcoPeace conference. The urgency and self interest of working together to secure a more sustainable, just and peaceful future was the message of the 180 participants via @gidonb
  • Nov 13 – “Allegations recently surfaced that the Taliban blocked the flow of water to farmers to force their compliance with demands.” Detailed piece on how drought + conflict are converging to ruin agriculture in Afghanistan  via @RPearshouse
  • Nov 13 – Good discussion at @SWP_Berlin today on early warning mechanisms. Very relevant for Germany’s initiative to advance the climate and security agenda in the UN Security Council via @GERClimatEnergy
  • Nov 13 – is one of the greatest challenges facing our world, causing extreme weather events affecting communities’ food, security & livehoods. Today will discuss the links between climate change, peacebuilding & sustaining peace. Join us: via @SwedenUN
  • Nov 8 – Lieutenant General Jameson, USAF (Ret) at the Jackson Hole Center for Global Affairs, “the U.S. military has been concerned about climate change for at least 20 years.” via @CntrClimSec
  • Nov 11 – Looking forward to hearing H.E. speak on the security consequences of climate change at the alongside Presidents of Djibouti, Republic of Congo, & Prime Minister of via @AmbMkimani
  • Nov 11 – Joined the conversation on consequences of climate change at the . Climate change is not an abstract threat in a far-off future. It is here with us today, and is a defining security and development challenge of our time via @UKenyatta
  • Nov 12 – The opens its door for the 2nd day. Today, Igarapé’s researchers will be at our Innovation in Conflict Prevention booth, as well as participating in several debates with policy-makers on issues regarding Security, Development, Migration, as well as climate change via @igarape_org
  • Nov 12 – Rear Admiral Ann Phillips, US Navy (Ret): Extreme weather harms national security
  • Nov 12 – Igarapé Institute meetups at the today: (a) How to make Infrastructure more Conflict-Sensitive? (b) What are the links between climate change and security? (c) What is the role of organized crime in conflict? via @AAbdenur
  • Nov 11 – Understanding the National Security implications of our rapidly warming planet is a critical responsibility of military leaders. change via @Dirkjam
  • Nov 8 – Lt.Gen Jameson, Lt.Gen Castellaw, Maj.Gen Halter and Amb. Holwill talking climate change impacts on national security and the military mission in Jackson Hole, Wyoming via @CntrClimSec
  • Nov 8 – Hurricane Michael’s destruction of Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida –and estimated cost of $1.7B to rebuild– raises questions about the military’s vulnerability, especially at coastal installations, to climate change as it fuels more extreme storms via @EENewsUpdates
  • Nov 8 – Today we’re at the Jackson Hole Global Forum – ⁩. Up next CCS Advisory Board member ⁦⁩ and others for timely discussion on climate solutions. Tune in later this afternoon for the Climate Change & National Security Panel via @CntrClimSec
  • Nov 8 – Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time. Join us on December 7th for the to listen to Rear Admiral (ret’d) Jonathan White talk about the climate-security nexus and the way ahead. for more info via @CSIDSCU
  • Nov 7 – Continuous water supply minimizes vulnerabilities, enhancing human security and development potential, via via @PacificInstitut
  • Nov 6 – Want to learn more about how and national security are connected? The new Climate and Security Podcast from will delve into that topic every two weeks. Check it out via @citizensclimate
  • Nov 6 – USACE is working in partnership with the local, state, and federal response for Hurricane . We have more than 440 personnel providing support both onsite and remotely, coordinating with local, state and partners via @USACEHQ
  • Nov 6 – Global Climate Change is real and it poses the gravest threat to the security, human development & the livelihood of the people of our hemisphere via @NestorMendezOAS
  • Nov 5 – At , a freshman just asked Gen. Dunford about climate change. He says it’s a source of conflict and something DOD must respond to, noting droughts and past storm devastation. “It’s something we very much have taken into account in our planning,” he says. via @DanLamothe
  • Nov 5 – Rear Admiral Len Hering Sr. USN discusses the robust policies needed to reduce the scale of climate change to avoid unpredictable threats rooted in national security approaches Friday, 11/9 from 3:30-4:30 pm Wrigley Hall. More info & RSVP: via @asulightworks
  • Nov 5 – “As communities compete for scarce resources, communities clash with each other and the result is conflict.” explains the stark impact that has had on people in Chad and neighboring countries. “ has become a security issue” via @iiea
  • Nov 5 – When asked what needs to be addressed in the 2020 vision of the UN, Dmitry Titov, former Asst. Secretary-General for Rule of Law and Security Institutions in UN Peacekeeping, says: climate change. Panel on the topic on Thursday at 10.45am: via @annikaep
  • Nov 5 – U.S. Army, 46th “Steel Spike” Engineer Battalion, Fort Polk, La., deployed to Tyndall AFB as part of Task Force Hammer, a combined task force of active duty engineers and to aid fellow service members in the recovery following Hurricane via @USACEHQ

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