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Climate and Security in the News Today

Shayne Hensley / U.S. Navy

Four news stories were published today on the intersection of climate change and national security, and all are worth a read.

Rising seas threaten Norfolk Naval Shipyard, raising fears of ‘catastrophic damage’,” by Nicholas Kusnetz of Inside Climate News, and also published on NBC News. The article features quotes from Center for Climate and Security Advisory Board members Vice Admiral Dennis McGinn, USN (Ret); Rear Admiral David Titley, USN (Ret); and Rear Admiral Jonathan White, USN (Ret).

Climate Change and National Security, Part I: What is the Threat, When’s It Coming, and How Bad Will It Be?” by Michelle Melton at the popular Lawfare blog. The article is part of a multi-part series, and does a great job of breaking down the basics of climate change and national security, and includes a link to our list of eighteen senior defense officials who have identified climate change as a national security issue. In fact, with General Joe Dunford’s recent statement, that makes nineteen.

Dangers Without Borders: Military Readiness in a Warming World,” by Neela Banerjee of Inside Climate News. The article is the first in a series called “Dangers without Borders,” which will examine “how the looming risks from global warming have become a soft underbelly of U.S. military readiness, threatening national security.”

‘Like a Terror Movie’: How Climate Change Will Cause More Simultaneous Disasters,” by John Schwartz at the New York Times, covers the publication today of a new study in the academic journal Nature Climate Change that finds “traceable evidence for 467 pathways by which human health, water, food, economy, infrastructure and security have been recently impacted by climate hazards such as warming, heatwaves, precipitation, drought, floods, fires, storms, sea-level rise and changes in natural land cover and ocean chemistry.”

For a full list of climate and security news items over the past few weeks, see our Week in Review.

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