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Veteran’s Day Message from Admiral Titley

TitleyMeme2Center for Climate and Security Advisory Board member, Rear Admiral David Titley, USN (Ret), published an excellent Op-ed today for the Washington Examiner with a message to President-elect Trump on the importance of building resilience to climate change, and how that agenda is tied to supporting our nation’s Veterans. Read the full article: “To President-elect Trump: Support our vets, build a resilient infrastructure.” See below for an excerpt:

Today our nation remembers the service and sacrifices made by our veterans. This year’s holiday comes after a tumultuous political campaign. The nation voted, and now we have elected a commander in chief who has led many businesses. To be successful in any enterprise, you must lead. You lead by setting goals and having sound strategies for achieving them, by managing risk, and most importantly, by taking care of your people. Whether you are running a 50-person small business or the United States military, you will not be successful unless you support the people who have done the hard work, and in the case of the military, have been prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice in service to our nation.

One of the many risks President-elect Trump will confront is climate change. Just as any good business owner or CEO would not consciously ignore a risk to their enterprise based on ideology, a president can’t ignore the risks of climate change. They are real, they are happening now, and they impact both men and women serving in our Armed Forces today, and our millions of veterans at home.

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  1. mtpccl says:

    Thank you, RADM Titley, for your unflagging service to our country.

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