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“Massive Investments in Resilience Needed”: Climate Lessons from Covid

The Chandler Foundation recently released its “Social Investor” magazine, an influential guide to philanthropists and a particularly important one during a time of crisis. In a section titled “Climate Philanthropy Matters,” the Thomson Reuters Foundation’s Laurie Goering interviewed the Co-Founder of the Center for Climate and Security and Council on Strategic Risks, Francesco Femia, about what the COVID-19 crisis can teach nations about preparing their critical infrastructure for climate change. Mr. Femia highlighting the need for “massive investments in resilience” as well as “climate-proofing” that infrastructure. Read the except below (from page 68), and the entire publication here.


The Air Force’s Most Vulnerable Bases

200th RED HORSE and 179th Airlift Wing Airmen aid in Hurricane Michael Recovery Efforts

Ohio Air National Guardmen traveled to Tyndall Air Force Base following Hurricane Michael, to provide damage assessment and recovery efforts, October 17-22, 2018 (U.S. Air National Guard photo by Capt. Ashley Klase)

By John Conger

In 2017, the U.S. Congress directed the Department of Defense (DoD) to develop a list of the installations in each military service that were most vulnerable to climate change.  They gave DoD a year to do this work, as it wasn’t simple.  The DoD would need to look across its enterprise, and determine how it would measure vulnerability and assess which risks were specifically from climate change.  At the Center for Climate and Security, we published a briefer on the factors they might consider.

In early 2019, the DoD report was submitted to Congress, but it omitted the requested prioritization and had other puzzling gaps as well.  It omitted the Marine Corps.  It left out all non-US bases.  It didn’t respond to Congressional questions about mitigation and cost.  Instead, it included a list of 79 bases that the Department determined were its most critical, and then did a rudimentary assessment of the threat from climate change without prioritization.  Congress directed them to go back and redo the work. (more…)

Veteran’s Day Message from Admiral Titley

TitleyMeme2Center for Climate and Security Advisory Board member, Rear Admiral David Titley, USN (Ret), published an excellent Op-ed today for the Washington Examiner with a message to President-elect Trump on the importance of building resilience to climate change, and how that agenda is tied to supporting our nation’s Veterans. Read the full article: “To President-elect Trump: Support our vets, build a resilient infrastructure.” See below for an excerpt: (more…)

Must Listen: RADM Titley Podcast with Acclimatise on Global Climate Security

Rear Admiral Titley USN RetWill Bugler, with the UK-based organization Acclimatise, recently sat down with RADM David Titley (Ret.) to discuss the global security implications of climate change. The podcast is an excellent summary of the key questions and issues surrounding climate and security, as well as a look at where the issue currently stands within the security sector (and the U.S. Navy, in particular).  You can listen to it here, and below is a brief summary: (more…)

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