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Retired Lieutenant General Arlen D. Jameson Joins the Center for Climate and Security Advisory Board

Jameson_PictureWe are proud to announce that retired three-star Lieutenant General Arlen Dirk Jameson, United States Air Force, has joined  the Center for Climate and Security Advisory Board.

Jameson, the Vice Chairman of the Air Force Academy’s Board of Visitors, retired from the Air Force in 1996 after more than three decades of service. Jameson’s final assignment was a Deputy Commander-in-Chief of U.S. Strategic Command.

Jameson commanded 20th Air Force and was responsible for U.S. ICBM forces. Jameson served as Chief of Staff and Director of Command Control, Strategic Air Command, and commanded the Air Force Strategic Missile Center at Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif. He was instrumental in facilitating military-to-military exchanges with the commander of Russia’s strategic rocket forces.

After retiring from the Air Force, Jameson served as President of Arrowsmith Technologies Inc., a software development company; Vice President of Alliant Techsystems Inc., an aerospace corporation; President and CEO of Starcraft Boosters Inc., and Executive Director of the Texas Telecommunications Infrastructure Fund.

Jameson received his undergraduate degree in business management from the University of Puget Sound and a Master of Business Administration in business management from Ohio State University. He also completed the Northwestern University Kellogg School of Business Program for Senior Executives. Jameson graduated from the National War College and attended the Harvard University Kennedy School National Security Program for Senior Executives.

Jameson received the Moller Trophy in 1985 as the Strategic Air Command Outstanding Wing Commander. In 2012, he was awarded the Dr. Jean Mayer Global Citizenship Award by the Tufts University Institute for Global Leadership.

Affiliations: The Center For Arms Control and Non-Proliferation, Consensus For American Security

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