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Senior Navy and Air Force Nominees on Climate Change

ConfHearing_Bayer_Henderson_2018_01_18In Questions for the Record (QFRs) submitted by the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee to the Administration’s nominees for Assistant Secretary Of The Navy For Installations, Energy, And The Environment (Mrs. Phyllis L. Bayer) and Assistant Secretary Of The Air Force For Installations, Environment, And Energy (Mr. John Henderson), they were each asked a question on how they would address climate change-related risks to the Department of Defense. Both followed the lead of Secretary of Defense James Mattis, who has made some of the strongest statements of any Secretary of Defense on the need to address the security implications of climate change in his own responses to the QFRs. Below are Bayer’s and Henderson’s answers: (more…)

Retired Lieutenant General Arlen D. Jameson Joins the Center for Climate and Security Advisory Board

Jameson_PictureWe are proud to announce that retired three-star Lieutenant General Arlen Dirk Jameson, United States Air Force, has joined  the Center for Climate and Security Advisory Board.

Jameson, the Vice Chairman of the Air Force Academy’s Board of Visitors, retired from the Air Force in 1996 after more than three decades of service. Jameson’s final assignment was a Deputy Commander-in-Chief of U.S. Strategic Command. (more…)

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