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New Video: Climate Change, 3D Printing and National Security

Eventorbot_open_source_3d_printer_galleryClimate Desk has just released a new video, 3D Printing, A Secret Weapon Against Climate Change? which tracks the framework of the Center for Climate and Security’s report: The 3D Printing Revolution, Climate Change and National Security: An Opportunity for U.S. Leadership, and features an interview with our Co-Founder Caitlin Werrell.

We first began thinking about the role 3D printing could play in mitigating climate change risks when we came across a story about the U.S. Army Rapid Equipping Force’s Expeditionary Labs-Mobile. The labs feature tools including a 3D printer, along with a wireless support network of experts that are ready to develop quick solutions to technological issues encountered in remote regions of the battle space, such as Afghanistan.  The mobile labs have already helped to save lives by providing fast, on the ground solutions, such as lightweight rechargeable batteries, and flashlights with safety switches that prevent the accidental give-away of troop movements.  While 3D printing, or “additive manufacturing,” still has a way to go before it can provide scalable solutions to climate-related disaster scenarios, the technology is a potential win-win-win. It could eventually help to revitalize U.S. manufacturing, enhance national security, and mitigate climate change risks.

For more, read the full report or check out the video.

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