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Climate and Security Conferences: Fall/Winter 2012

There are some interesting conferences on the horizon investigating the risks of climate change.  Many of these are either streaming the conference live or will post conference videos and materials at a later date, so even if you are not able to attend in person, you can check them out. We will update this list as we come across others.

  • Climate Change: Security, Resilience and Diplomacy The 16th Annual Chatham House Conference on climate change will assess what national and international actions must be taken now to manage 21st century climate security challenges. Although disunity remains over how to manage the climate challenge, there is agreement that action is now needed to adapt to the impacts of climate change that can no longer be prevented and to build resilience against the impact of extreme climate events. The conference will examine the key economic, social and geo-political security threats caused by climate change and debate what national and international responses are required to manage these security challenges.
    Location: London, UK
    Date: October 15 – 16, 2012
  • Rethinking Climate Change, Conflict and Security The guiding premise of this two-day international conference at the University of Sussex is that current academic and policy discourse on climate change, conflict and security is framed too narrowly and would benefit from both broadening and critique. Featuring many of the leading scholars of the links between climate change and security, the conference will both set out some of the most recent findings on likely conflict impacts and contest a range of prevailing orthodoxies.
    Location: Sussex, UK
    Date: October 18-19, 2012
  • Istanbul Human Security Conference  Human security is a people-centred approach to global security which recognizes that lasting peace and social justice cannot be achieved unless people are protected from threats to their rights and basic needs. Among the main human security threats are: violence and abuse of human rights; corruption and bad governance; disasters and climate change; and poverty and poor access to basic services. Therefore, the purpose of the conference series is to explore the concept and approaches to human security and focusing on the theme of ‘new challenges and new perspectives’ in 2011, the 2. Istanbul Human Security Conference will explore recent human security risks, threats and crises that have been affecting different parts of the world.
    Location: Istanbul, Turkey
    Date: October 18-19, 2012
  • ISA WEST ANNUAL CONFERENCE:  Climate Change and Human Security The predicted impact of climate change on human societies has been a topic of wide-ranging discussion for some years. While there are still “climate deniers” who argue that climate change is not happening or is not resulting from human activity, groups such as the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change have issued a series of reports detailing predictions for the future in areas of food security, fresh water availability and access, health and the spread/migration of disease, and effects on coastal areas due to rising sea levels and increased storm severity. All of these will have significant consequences on human societies; many will lead to life-threatening challenges for various populations around the world.
    Location: Pasadena, California, USA
    Date: October 19-20, 2012
  • [CIRCLE-2] JI UNCERT: Workshop on Uncertainty and Climate Change Adaptation 
The main goals of this event are to promote discussion and contribute with scientific insight by calling for the submission of abstracts that respond to the following question: How do decision-making processes on climate change adaptation, at the multi-decadal timescale, envision the future and deal with related uncertainties?
    Location: Lisbon, Portugal
    Date: November 8-9, 2012
  • GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGE AND HUMAN SECURITY (GECS-2012): THE NEED FOR A NEW VISION FOR SCIENCE, POLICY AND LEADERSHIP (CLIMATE CHANGE AS AN OPPORTUNITY) This edition is expected to engage a broad range of audiences, and provide an update of the newest understanding of environmental change caused by current development models and schemes, human security implications of this change, and options available for different societies to respond to present and future challenges. Participants will consider how understandings and conceptions of security are being transformed in the face of global environmental change (with a focus on climate change), and how urgent a shift – in science, policy and technology levels – is required to manage efficiently and prudently the current dynamics.
    Location: Marrakech, Morocco
    Date: November 22-24, 2012
  • EWACC2012: Energy, Water and Climate Change – Building Bridges between Europe and MENA The region encompassing the Mediterranean, Middle East and North Africa, with a combined population of approximately 500 million people, is characterized by strong environmental gradients, climate extremes and diverse economic, social and cultural identities. From a global perspective, the region is a climate change “hot spot”. Adverse impacts of climate change throughout the 21st century are expected, and major challenges in energy and food security, threats to environmental integrity, as well as decreasing availability of fresh water are anticipated.
    Location: Nicosia, Cyprus
    Date: December 10-12, 2012

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