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U.S. Department of Defense Leading Climate Change Fight

Rafe Sagarin, author of Natural Security: A Darwinian Approach to a Dangerous World, and the recently-released Learning From the Octopus: How Secrets from Nature Can Help Us Fight Terrorist Attacks, Natural Disasters, and Disease, wrote an interesting Op-ed in the Arizona Republic recently highlighting the critical leadership role of the U.S. Department of Defense in addressing the security risks of climate change. As he states in his opener:

While the international community repeatedly stalls on taking meaningful action about climate change, there is one internationally focused organization that isn’t waiting around — the U.S. Department of Defense.

Good to see that the DoD’s long-term and thorough approach to planning for different potential futures is being recognized as a strength in combating (and adapting to) the risks of climate change. Read the full article here.

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