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Military leaders: rising sea level a threat to Virginia-North Carolina

120620-N-RY232-371Last Monday, a sobering panel discussion was held in Norfolk, Virginia regarding the threat posed by sea level rise to both national security, and the Hampton Roads region – an area which comprises Virginia Beach, Norfolk-Newport News, and the Virginia-North Carolina metropolitan area. The panel consisted of U.S. Navy Vice Admiral Philip Cullom, Admiral Larry Baucom, USN (ret), Captain Joe Bouchard, USN (ret.), Jonathan Powers, Iraq war veteran and the White House’s Federal Environmental Executive, and Ben McFarlane of the Hampton Roads Planning Commission. (more…)

Sea Level Rise “Hotspot”: The East Coast of the United States

A recent study published in Nature Climate Change has found that the East Coast of the United States is particularly vulnerable to sea level rise. Compared to the global average, the study by Sallenger et al asserts that the coastline from Massachusetts to North Carolina is set to experience a rise in sea level that is “3–4 times higher…” Given the prevalence of key commercial centers along the East Coast, as well as critical naval installations (such as at Norfolk, Virginia), these projections are worrying, to say the least.

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