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Join the Discussion: How to Address the Fragility Risks Climate Change Poses?


Join The Center for Climate and Security’s Caitlin Werrell and others for a live twitter chat tomorrow, June 25, at 10am EST. We will be discussing the newly released G7 report, “A New Climate for Peace” authored by The Wilson Center, International Alert and adelphi. Below is a cross-posted overview of the report by Lauren Herzer, that first appeared on the New Security Beat(more…)

Climate Adaptation A Crucial Part of African Peace and Security

Severe_Drought_Famine_in_East_Africa,_April_1,_2011_-_June_30,_2011A report was just released from a two-day workshop held last November: Climate Change Adaptation and Peacebuilding in Africa. The workshop was co-sponsored by the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, the Institute for Security Studies, U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), and U.S. Department of State. (more…)

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