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Call for Nominations: World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction

Pakistan_Disaster_ReliefPlease see below a call for nominations for speakers and participants at the UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction (WCDRR), taking place 14-18 March 2015 in Sendai, Japan. Important dates to note are Monday, 22 December, the deadline for applications to participate in the civil society Selection Committee and Wednesday 31 December, the deadline for submission of civil society speaker nominations. (more…)

Humanitarian Radio Test Demonstrates New Geopolitical Realities

Shortwave receiverThis is a cross-post from Nicholas Burk at

During the Cold War era, the medium of shortwave radio was in many ways a predecessor to today’s Internet. For decades, the busy airwaves reflected the geopolitical and international security realities of the day, as over 100 nations transmitted messages that fused domestic and international news with large doses of propaganda. The radio dial was interspersed with squelches of military radar echoes, maritime and aviation traffic, mysterious “numbers” counting stations for international spies, and even military attempts to inject the ionosphere with energy to disrupt communications, or perhaps even incoming International Ballistic Missiles. With the end of the Cold War era and the rise of Internet technology, the shortwave radio spectrum has decayed into a more vacuous space. Many international broadcasters have curtailed their shortwave operations, and instead produce their content for online consumption.

Yet, this past week, at the Media Summit on Climate Change, ICTs and Disaster Risk Reduction in Jakarta, Indonesia, 12 international shortwave broadcasters were able to accomplish a remarkable feat for the first time in the history of radio broadcasting–all articulated through the geopolitical and humanitarian realities of today. (more…)

National Security Advisor Rice: America’s Future in Asia and the Transcendent Role of Climate Change

734px-Haze_over_East_China_Sea,_Feb_2004On Nov. 20th, U.S. National Security Advisor Ambassador Susan Rice gave a speech to a crowd at Georgetown University on the future of U.S. policy in the Asia-Pacific region. Ambassador Rice noted that “Nowhere are the challenges and the opportunities we face so great as in the Asia Pacific region…” and that “rebalancing toward the Asia Pacific remains a cornerstone of the Obama Administration’s foreign policy.” (more…)

Climate Change and Security Conferences: Fall/Winter 2013

Conference_table2There are some interesting conferences on the horizon investigating the risks of climate change.  Many of these are either streaming the conference live or will post conference videos and materials at a later date, so even if you are not able to attend in person, you can check them out. We will update this list as we come across others. (more…)