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Why The Intelligence Community Needs a Climate Change Task Force


This is a cross-posted excerpt from The Cipher Brief

By Kristin Wood and Erin Sikorsky

EXPERT PERSPECTIVE — President Biden’s 27 January Executive Order (EO) on Tackling the Climate Crisis at Home and Abroad demonstrates a strong commitment to preparing the United States for addressing the climate crisis. It assigns experienced climate experts into powerful new roles and issues extensive orders for a whole-of-government response. This article analyzes the Intelligence Community aspects of the EO.

For national security agencies, the EO orders agencies to assess within 90 days:

—  Climate impacts relevant to broad agency strategies in particular countries or regions;

—  Climate impacts on their agency-managed infrastructure abroad (e.g., embassies, military installations), without prejudice to existing requirements regarding assessment of such infrastructure;

—  How the agency intends to manage such impacts or incorporate risk mitigation into its installation master plans; and

—   How the agency’s international work, including partner engagement, can contribute to addressing the climate crisis.

Read the rest of the article at The Cipher Brief.

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