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The Center for Climate and Security on Climate One: Migration and Resilience

Francesco Femia_2013SherriGoodman2018Hill_AliceIn case you missed it, the team of Center for Climate and Security (CCS) analysts has featured significantly in recent episodes of the excellent Climate One, a free radio program that is “broadcast on 90 public radio stations across the country and around the world, including on NPR International, Armed Forces Radio and SiriusXM.” This included a February 7 interview on climate change, migration and security with CCS Co-Founder, Francesco Femia, and another program on climate resilience and security, released on February 14, featuring CCS Senior Strategist Sherri Goodman, and CCS Advisory Board Member, Alice Hill. Click the links above to either listen to the full programs, or read the transcripts. Below are a few excerpts from the interviews.

From Driving Forces: How Climate Fuels Human Migration

Francesco Femia: “There’s a tendency to think well that’s not really happening here we can’t have internally displaced people in the United States can we?  But it’s happening.”

From “Building a Resilient Tomorrow

Sherri Goodman: “We used to think our military was primarily for the away game, but now they are backup for these first responder missions whether it’s wildfires floods or extreme events.”

Alice Hill: “Well, we will be in an era of retreat; whether it’s managed or chaotic will be up to us.”

* This post is part of the Council on Strategic Risks’ “Responsibility to Prepare and Prevent” Blog Series, designed to increase the tempo and scale of relevant and useful analysis during a time of crisis

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