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The Climate and Security Podcast: Episode 10 with Michael Lowder on Critical Infrastructure


Climate and Security Podcast Interview with Michael Lowder, Episode 10

Welcome back to The Climate and Security Podcast!

In this episode host Dr. Sweta Chakraborty talks to Michael Lowder, principal at Michael W. Lowder and Global Associates as well as the Fmr. Dir. of the Office of Intelligence, Security, and Emergency Response for the U.S. Dept. of Transport, Fmr. Deputy Dir. of the Response Division for FEMA, as well as a former special agent as part of a 47 year career in civil service! Michael explains the meaning of critical infrastructure and its role in security, economic security, and public health and safety. He explains how climate impacts like sea level rise have direct impacts on portions of the infrastructure such as through inundation of roadways, railroads and airports. The ripple effects are vast, and knowing and adapting accordingly will be vital for preserving a thriving society. Tune in to learn critical information pertaining to our collective security and well being!

The Center for Climate and Security’s video podcast takes climate change out of its environmental box, and brings it to the big kid’s table of national and international security. Featuring a series of exclusive dialogues with leading security, military and foreign affairs experts, the podcast explores our responsibility to prepare for a rapidly-changing world.

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