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The Climate and Security Podcast: Episode 8 with Michael Wu

Michael Wu_Climate and Security PodcastWelcome back to The Climate and Security Podcast!

In this episode, Michael Wu, Policy Fellow at The Center for Climate and Security and Principal of Converge Strategies, talks about the electric grid and its history. He discusses how the risk of long-term, widespread power outages is increasing as threats from natural disasters and adversaries increase. These threats mutually reinforce each another in that natural disasters make impacted areas more vulnerable to nefarious attacks.  He explains what electricity disruptions mean for Department of Defense mission completion as well as implications for our daily lives. Tune in to this informative discussion!


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  1. Mariya Kan says:

    Hello! The topic presented (Episode 8) is extremely relevant for the entire population of the Northern Hemisphere. The unexpected and various causes of the disappearance of electricity in diverse elements of the infrastructure are catastrophic and long-term, dramatically reducing the level of traditional security. Obviously: preparation and timely activities to eliminate failures and power failures in controlled territories are the dominant actions to ensure the safety of the elements of the real infrastructure. Undoubtedly: the actualization and realization of the powerful potential of the relevant structures are the necessary conditions for ensuring the required security – for the territories under the jurisdiction of various states.
    I thank .Michael Wu. for drawing attention to this problem. With respect and appreciation, Maria Kan.

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