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The Climate and Security Podcast: Episode 4 with Christine Parthemore

Christine Parthemore

Christine Parthemore

Welcome again to The Climate and Security Podcast! Episode 4 is a special, audio-only episode. We will return to video podcasts from our next episode and going forward.

In this episode, host Dr. Sweta Chakraborty talks to Christine Parthemore, Dir. of the Climate-Nuclear-Security Program at The Council on Strategic Risks. Sweta asks Christine about the largely unknown, but significant, and long-shared history of climate and nuclear issues. In particular, U.S. and Russian nuclear weapon development and data collected since the Cold War accelerated the understanding of the human impacts on the atmosphere. Sweta and Christine discuss how nuclear and climate issues are converging today, and how we can think about this confluence of threats. Christine also shares her incredible work in removing and destroying chemical weapons from Syria as well as how weapons of mass destruction are classified and governed.

The Center for Climate and Security’s video podcast takes climate change out of its environmental box, and brings it to the big kid’s table of national and international security. Featuring a series of exclusive dialogues between host Dr. Sweta Chakraborty and leading security, military and foreign affairs experts, the podcast explores our responsibility to prepare for a rapidly-changing world.

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