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Climate and Security Week(s) in Review: Nov 19 – Dec 3

Citizen-Soldier helps contain California's deadliest fire

A U.S. Army UH-60M Black Hawk helicopter on a mission to drop water on the deadly Camp Fire (U.S. Air National Guard photo by Senior Airman Crystal Housman)

Here are a list of notable headlines and comments on climate and security matters from the past several weeks. If we’ve missed any, let us know.

  • Dec 1 – The latest installment of the National Climate Assessment mentions national security in a dozen different chapters, including a new one that focuses on how global warming affects U.S. international interests. via @EENewsUpdates
  • Dec 1 – The global responsibility to prepare for intersecting climate and nuclear risks via @CntrClimSec

  • Nov 29 – The Woolsey Fire and Nuclear Safety in the Era of Climate Change via @CntrClimSec
  • Nov 28 – A Storm Without Rain: Yemen, Water, Climate Change, and Conflict (2016) via @CntrClimSec
  • Nov 28 – |’s 36th Contingency Response Group, based in , has been running back-to-back disaster relief missions since October 4th, responding to an earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia and Super-Typhoon Yutu in the Northern Mariana Islands via @INDOPACOM
  • Nov 20 – In UN Security Council African Peacekeeping Operations, cites interconnected security threats, including climate and economic inequalities. African peacekeepers must have partnered training to better understand such challenges via @GlobalActionPW
  • Nov 27 – UPDATE: Chronology of U.S. Military Statements and Actions on Change and Security: 2017-2018 via @CntrClimSec
  • Nov 27 – Briefer: The Pentagon’s Forthcoming Climate Report – What to Expect and How Congress Should Use It via @CntrClimSec
  • Nov 27 – At UN Human Security Trust Fund for the Aral Sea Region, noting that addressing regional turbulence needs a “new logic” that privileges inclusive participation and economic entrepreneurship. The Aral Sea represents a “dry run” for efforts to address climate impacts elsewhere via @GlobalActionPW
  • Nov 27 – “We are going to be caught flat-footed because we are not systematically asking, ‘what if?'” — Alice Hill, former National Security Council official. Our new series explores how climate change threatens U.S. national security via @insideclimate
  • Nov 27 – Photo of the Day: UH-60M Black Hawk helicopter flies through the Feather River Canyon with a bucket of water during a mission to drop water on the deadly Camp Fire. More: Photo: via @USNationalGuard
  • Nov 26 – President of Somalia adresses transformative potential of Somalia’s 3,300 km of coastline — more than any other African country. How to attain peace and security? How to cooperate to stop the dumping of toxic waste? How to mitigate the impacts of climate change? via @kathryntoure
  • Nov 26 – What shapes EU responses to climate-related security risks in practice? Find out more via @NiklasBremberg
  • Nov 26 – . continues his session after lunch looking at , and security and the roles that cities, local authorities and communities have in climate adaptation via @Oxford_Urban
  • Nov 25 – After killing 85 people and destroying nearly 14,000 homes, the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in California history is 100% contained via @starsandstripes
  • Nov 25 – Climate change is taking the United States into uncharted territory, 13 federal agencies conclude. “The assumption that current and future climate conditions will resemble the recent past is no longer valid. via @nytclimate
  • Nov 23 – While the US is not among the most fragile states in our report for USAID, it has more than 24 million people who face very high exposure to climate hazards (#6 highest total in the world). Timely in light of the National Climate Assessment released today via @busbyj | Climate change poses a multi-faceted and increasingly urgent security threat for fragile states via @WarOnTheRocks
  • Nov 23 – : “Many people have said to me, this is the worst drought that has struck us in our lifetime,” UN Humanitarian Coordinator told press in Geneva today. The Conference on Afghanistan will take place next week, 27-28 November via @UNGeneva
  • Nov 23 – JUST RELEASED: Fourth National Climate Assessment Vol II: Impacts, Risks, and Adaptation in the United States – via @usgcrp
  • Nov 23 – Climate change poses major threat to U.S., new government report concludes via @sciencemag
  • Nov 23 – Today the 4th US National Climate Assessment comes out. We already know what its projections are. The ‘intermediate’ one is 1 m – over 3 feet. In the last IPCC report 2013 that was still considered high. And of course it doesn’t stop in 2100 but continues for centuries! via @rahmstorf
  • Nov 23 – ICYMI: , & Alpha Company 249th Engineer Battalion facilitated the arrival of approx 30 generators in Saipan, Nov. 18, that will be used to temporarily power critical public facilities, such as water wells in areas impacted by Super Typhoon . photo by: B. Poulin via @USACEHQ
  • Nov 22 – USACE’s has deployed Temporary Housing Design Team, part of their Planning and Response Team, to support Temporary Housing Mission Assignment for via @USACEHQ
  • Nov 21 – The new Arctic frontier: A new, visually gripping look at how melting ice and geopolitics are changing the game for national security up north. With heavy help from graphics and editing wizards via @DanLamothe
  • Nov 22 – The highest combined fragility and climate risks are concentrated in sub-Saharan Africa via @WarOnTheRocks
  • Nov 21 – Climate change is a systems problem. Study finds “467 ways changes in climate affect human health, food security, water availability, infrastructure… [T]raditional research into one element of climate change and its effects can miss the bigger picture of interrelation+ risk.” “There’s more than one kind of risk out there,” he said, but scientists tend to focus on their area of research. “Nations, societies in general, have to deal with multiple hazards, and it’s important to put the whole picture together.” Systems foresight via @AlexSteffen
  • Nov 21 – Almost 16,000 pounds of food was distributed to 400 soldiers and families affected by Hurricane Florence at Fort Bragg. The USO of North Carolina partnered with the U.S.-based Feed the Children charity to provide the boxes filled with canned and dry food via @starsandstripes
  • Nov 20 – Climate Change and National Security, Part I: What is the Threat, When’s It Coming, and How Bad Will It Be? via @lawfareblog
  • Nov 19 – As firefighters continue to battle California’s deadliest fire, a new map shows the damage from the as of Nov. 16. Maps like these can help officials and first responders identify heavily damaged areas and allocate resources as needed. via @NASAEarth
  • Nov 19 – Our paper is out! We carried out a systematic review of thousands of papers to compile all the ways in which climate hazards (drought, floods, wildfires, storms, etc.) impact humanity & project how these cumulative hazards change by 2100 via @AbbyGailFrazier
  • Nov 19 – Sgt. Thomas Inglesias, 1224th Engineer Support Company, dumps debris at a landfill on Saipan, , Nov. 17, in support of relief efforts. USACE is supporting the response through mission assignments including debris technical assistance. photo by: Tech. Sgt. J. Garcia via @USACEHQ
  • Nov 19 – Dr. from RMC to discuss electoral integrity; Rear Admiral (ret’d) Jonathan White to discuss climate and security; , an expert on nonproliferation to discuss all things nukes! via @CSIDSCU
  • Nov 19 – Welcome to Climate Security 101 – Including a Climate Security Resource Hub with lists of major policy documents by department and agency, A Climate Security Chronology, FAQs, and On The Record quotes from senior officials via @CntrClimSec
  • Nov 19 – We’re looking for a new Senior Program Fellow for the Phase Zero Project, a data-savvy individual interested in national security policy, including how climate change and other natural resource challenges shape the strategic environment via @burkese

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