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Climate and Security Week(s) In Review: Dec 3-31


COP24 Climate Security, Big Data and the Responsibility to Prepare Side Event with Swedish Deputy Prime Minister Isabella Lövin, Former Netherlands Chief of Defense Gen. Tom Middendorp, David Paul, Environment Minister of the Republic of the Marshall Islands and Camilla Born, E3G (Photo by E3G)

Here are a list of notable headlines and comments on climate and security matters from the past several weeks. If we’ve missed any, let us know. This is a long one…

  • Dec 30 – Catherine McKenna – “There are not many military threats that directly loom over Canadians as the country heads into the new year. But of those that do, one of the most significant is the increased frequency of major natural disasters.” via @cathmckenna

  • Dec 29 – “Climate change is a national security issue. Climate variability and extreme events can exacerbate conflict, displace populations, damage infrastructure, and result in food insecurity. This all has implications for the U.S. military. ” via @RepBonamici
  • Dec 30 – . says on there are strong links between national security and climate change: -Will force military to focus more on disaster relief -Melting ice caps open competition with China and Russia -Military bases could flood via @MeetThePress
  • Dec 22 – A Statement About Secretary Mattis’ Departure and Climate Change via @CntrClimSec
  • Dec 21 – With Mattis’ resignation, DOD will lose a leader who has expressed worries about the impacts of climate change on national security via @EENewsUpdates
  • Dec 21 – The Big Question: What are the Actions Required for A Resilient and Secure Caribbean? Outcomes of the recently held “Regional Consultation on and Security in the Caribbean Region: A road map to ” in Aruba. read more here via @cdemacu
  • Dec 20 – For years, experts have been considering how law can be used in the context of conflict/violence and /the adverse effects of . Today, is launching a study that explores those nexus dynamics and provides guidance for ways forward. via @DDisplacement
  • Dec 18 – Now live listen to The Climate and Security Podcast: Episode 4 with Christine Parthemore on the links between climate and nuclear security via @CntrClimSec
  • Dec 13 – In UN Security Council on Central Africa (UNOCA), cites unique value of UN’s regional offices to conflict prevention and thus their capacity should be enhanced. Notes the many dimensions of which climate-related impacts drive insecurity and violence. via @GlobalActionPW
  • Dec 13 – In UN Security Council on Central Africa (UNOCA), cites Lake Chad “breeding ground” for violence that reinforces the urgent need for early warning on conflict risks, including “water stresses” and other climate-related shocks. via @GlobalActionPW
  • Dec 13 – Fiji’s High Level Climate Champion and Minister for Defence and National Security Hon. Inia Seruiratu launched Fiji’s Planned Relocation Guidelines at the Pacific and Koronivia Pavilion in Katowice, Poland. via @FijianGovt
  • Dec 13 – HE Mohamed Ali hassan led the to the 6th HL seminar on peace & security organized by & the African members of the UNSC (A3) in . He co-chaired the panel on the existing link between climate change &Peace and security via @3Mdjib
  • Dec 13 – New: It’s not just nuclear weapons, terrorism and climate change worrying the U.S. intelligence community. Quantum computing, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things are deemed a long-term threat to U.S. national security via @zackwhittaker
  • Dec 15 – Looking forward to speaking on climate security at the post-COP24 Wilton Park “Navigating Pacific Futures” event – an opportunity for global partners to listen to Pacific voices on climate change via @JLSousaSantos
  • Dec 15 – ICYM: Climate change is included on a list of long-range, emerging threats to U.S. national security in a new Government Accountability Office report. via @EENewsUpdates
  • Dec 17 – Thank you Nauru & for hosting this Meeting on ‘Climate & Security’  Belgium welcomes the global call of the SG for more ambition on climate change & the appointment of as Special Representative for the Climate Summit next September via @BelgiumUN
  • Dec 18 – India and the Maldives look forward to working together in areas such as maritime cooperation and mitigating climate change. President and agreed on the need to further the atmosphere of peace and security in the Indian Ocean region via @DrYashwantSin14
  • Dec 13 – The Center for Climate and Security’s six element response how to improve governance: mainstream, institutionalize, elevate, integrate, rapid response and contingency via @makettunen
  • Dec 13 – Tom Middendorp – former Chief of Defense of the Netherlands “- Climate change can fuel already existing security threats and become a threat multiplier” via @ArjanBraams
  • Dec 12 – Navy Secretary Richard Spencer said that he’s concerned about naval bases and sea level rise. US is seeing “100 year storms coming every 2-3 years. We need to start addressing that.” via @paulmcleary
  • Dec 12 – The Nordic countries should prepare for global climate-related threats. We should contribute to developing an up-to-date conflict early warning system which includes climate security risks, says Nordic Council´s president Michael Tetzschner | Fighting climate change means sustaining peace, averting conflict and reducing the risk of deadly climate-related natural disasters. It is in the interest of us all, says in an intence debate about climate and security at via @NordicClimate
  • Dec 11 – New post on the blog! calls for greater attention to the link between climate change and nuclear security in the Arctic. Check it out via @UKPONI
  • Dec 12 – Discussing climate peace and security at Oslo Nobel Peace Prize Forum. Solutions around women’s education, resilient societies and conflict prevention via @TuijaTa
  • Dec 10 – In Security Council working breakfast with Polish Minister Krzysztof Szczerski at discussing ao nexus climate and security, also with a view to Poland chairing and via @KvanOosterom
  • Dec 10 – After a year of achieving more focus on Climate, Peace & Security and Women, Peace & Security and opening the bastion of the to (women) civil society briefers, , & hand over good practices to incoming members & via @genderplatform
  • Dec 9 – The national security implications of climate change are already happening and are likely to become worse via @WarOnTheRocks
  • Dec 7 – The Roof of the World is melting. Join for a  ride to Mt. Everest w/ the Nepalese army. See how our sensors, canals & drainage equipment are protecting millions of people in valleys below from glacial lake flooding: via @UNDP
  • Dec 7 – Rear Amiral (ret’d) US Navy Jonathan White focuses on climate change and global/national security. Natural disasters and climatic changes are impacting our Forces’ operational effectiveness. Food and water security are being impacted worldwide by climate change via @WIISCanada
  • Dec 5 – The U.S. military is already working to understand increased security risks resulting from climate change including extreme weather & direct impacts on military infrastructure, like sea level rise and extreme heat. Learn more about at via @HarvardCCH
  • Dec 5 – Great time discussing homeland security, disaster response, climate and resilience at ‘s Bipartisan Orientation For Newly Elected Members of Congress. As we honor President Bush, today we are ushering in a new generation of leaders. The future is bright via @MitchLandrieu
  • Dec 5 – Defence Minister Ron Mark & Climate Minister James Shaw launch New Zealand’s climate defence assessment. Key messaging on the geopolitics of climate security: some states may seek to use climate assistance to secure influence and access via @AnnaPowles
  • Dec 5 – Some stark language in this climate assessment. Opening sentence- “climate change will be one of the greatest security challenges for New Zealand Defence in the coming decades” | In brief – climate change will bring more extreme weather events to the South Pacific. That means New Zealand (and Australia) will probably need to conduct more disaster relief operations. This will be expensive, and could stretch defence forces via @stephendziedzic
  • Dec 6 – Dr. Alice Baillat gave public lectures at Quaid-I-Azam University and on Tuesday 4th of December related to climate change and security. via @FranceinPak
  • Dec 5 – Home to a growing population of 1.3 million people, the Liberian  capital of is turning to community-driven sharing to tackle the challenge of  coastal flooding: via @GFDRR
  • Dec 3 – Fiji’s COP 23 High Level Climate Champion and Minister for Defence and National Security Hon. Inia Seruiratu this afternoon opened the Pacific and Koronivia Pavillion at the International Conference Centre in Katowice, Poland via @FijianGovt
  • Dec 5 – and are joining forces to discuss climate- and water-related security risks. Posing a threat to international peace and security, these risks must be addressed in the UN Security Council via @GERonEconomy

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