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The Climate and Security Podcast: Episode Two with Rear Admiral Ann Phillips

Ann Phillips_CandSpodcastWelcome again to The Climate and Security Podcast!

In the second episode, host Dr. Chakraborty talks to Center for Climate and Security Advisory Board member, Rear Admiral Ann Phillips, U.S. Navy (Ret), about connecting the big picture existential threat that is climate change to its local level impacts on our daily lives. While most people don’t think about it day to day, residents of Hampton Roads, VA know all too well what climate change looks like in their community and what it could mean for communities worldwide. 

The Center for Climate and Security’s video podcast takes climate change out of its environmental box, and brings it to the big kid’s table of national and international security. Featuring a series of exclusive dialogues between host Dr. Sweta Chakraborty and leading security, military and foreign affairs experts, the podcast explores our responsibility to prepare for a rapidly-changing world.

Episodes will be released every two weeks on all podcast listening outlets. The video versions can all be viewed at:

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