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Climate and Security Week(s) in Review: Oct 22-Nov 4


Germany UN Security Council Climate Security Expert Group 2018, Photo By Germany UN

Here are a list of notable headlines and comments on climate and security matters from the past several weeks. If we’ve missed any, let us know.

  • Nov 4 -Watching – The Climate and Security Podcast: Episode One with John Conger via @CntrClimSec

  • Nov 4 -“As communities compete for scarce resources, communities clash with each other and the result is conflict.” explains the stark impact that has had on people in Chad and neighboring countries. “ has become a security issue” via @iiea
  • Nov 4 -When asked what needs to be addressed in the 2020 vision of the UN, Dmitry Titov, former Asst. Secretary-General for Rule of Law and Security Institutions in UN Peacekeeping, says: climate change. Panel on the topic on Thursday at 10.45am: via @annikaep
  • Nov 4 -U.S. Army, 46th “Steel Spike” Engineer Battalion, Fort Polk, La., deployed to Tyndall AFB as part of Task Force Hammer, a combined task force of active duty engineers and to aid fellow service members in the recovery following Hurricane . via @USACEHQ
  • Nov 3 – Towards Climate Resilient Peacebuilding: Understanding the Complexities via @EnvPeacebuild
  • Nov 4 -U.S. Army, 46th “Steel Spike” Engineer Battalion, Fort Polk, La., deployed to help aid fellow service members in the recovery of Tyndall AFB following Hurricane . ‘Task Force Hammer’ is a combined task force of active duty engineers and via @USACEHQ
  • Nov 2 -Before Hurricane Michael, Tyndall had the largest concentration of F-22s anywhere in the world. The eye of the storm traveled directly over the base’s two runways and several hangars where the aircraft were stored. via @starsandstripes
  • Nov 2-NEWS TODAY: The Air Force is distributing people and jets from an F-22 squadron based at hurricane-damaged Tyndall Air Force Base in three other states, and isn’t sure if the squadron will return. Other units are already beginning to return, though via @DanLamothe
  • Nov 1 -German climate diplomacy in action: A new international expert network on Climate+Security was successfully launched in NewYork. is priority for Germanmembership in the Security Council 2019/20 via @GermanyinQatar
  • Nov 1 -First episode of The Climate and Security Podcast features CCS Director John Conger — we talk about the ‘s take on climate change as it relates to the security of military missions, and much more! via @swetac
  • Nov 1 -An eye opening presentation by Robert Glasser at claiming Australia’s security outlook is changing not because of terrorism, China’s rise or the threat of cyber, but because of climate change via @jamesbrorson
  • Oct 30 -From training to operations, water is a critical input to USAF missions. By recognizing supply risks in advance, is working with base CEs, as well as local authorities, to ensure our water supply meets mission needs. @AFEnergy
  • Oct 30 -A new international expert network on Climate and Security was successfully launched in . Thanks to all who contribute through their knowledge and commitment. is priority for German membership in the Security Council 2019/2020. via @GERonEconomy
  • Oct 29 -From the CCS blog archives but still timely – Six Conflict Prevention Takeaways from New Climate and Conflict Research (2016) via @CntrClimSec
  •  Oct 29 -The future is walking north. The caravan of Central Americans traveling to the U.S. border is a preview of what rich countries can expect as climate change compounds pressures on fragile and poor states, according to security and immigration experts. via @EENewsUpdates
  • Oct 29 -My first medium piece| How Climate change has become a National security issue, in Nigeria. by Murtala Abdullahi via @Murtalalbin
  • Oct 26 -Hurricane Michael Reminded America Why Climate Change Is a National Security Risk via @anirvan
  • Oct 26 -. recommending to Routinize, institutionalize, elevate, integrate risks in . Must incorporate into strategic-level policy decision-making via @shiloh_fetzek
  • Oct 26 -Today, we present a new early warning tool that can predict the probability of water-related tensions, currently developed by the Water, Peace and Security Partnership in a by the initiated debate in the on the effects of via @DutchMFA
  • Oct 26 -Crewmembers from U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Sequoia (WLB 215), from Guam load the vessel with donated supplies destined for Saipan, Oct. 26, 2018 to those effected by Typhoon Yutu. Federal agencies will work closely with FEMA in the recovery efforts. via @USARPAC
  • Oct 26 – should also strengthen foresight capabilities, integrated risk assessments & coherent response mechanisms –  : this also gives a responsibility for those who have the data via @shiloh_fetzek
  • Oct 25 -We are so glad to welcome the Fellows to Washington DC to begin their 3-week program via @HFXforum
  • Oct 26 -In the 2 years, FIVE Category 4+ storms have hit U.S. soil. Looking at historical records, the most we could find in any other 2-year period were TWO Cat 4+ storm. This is an unprecedented period of destructive landfalls. More info: via @capitalweather
  • Oct 25 -Christian Leffler: Climate change has severe security implication to government and civilian population. Hope that the issue will be picked up more frequently by the UNSC via @CSISIndonesia
  • Oct 25 -Deployed USACE personnel on Saipan hold a response coordination meeting in preparation for receipt of missions supporting the government after via @USACEHQ
  • Oct 25 -One of our most important bases on Guam just dodged Super Typhoon Yuta-180 MPH winds. Hurricane Michael devastated Tyndall AFB two weeks ago. Climate Change and National Security! via @Dirkjam
  • Oct 25 -“In 2018 we have seen lethal heatwaves and wildfires across the northern hemisphere, including in unexpected places like eastern Canada, Japan & Sweden”— is already happening at an alarming pace. Let’s do something about it, . Be via @Federation
  • Oct 24 -A Security Analysis of the New IPCC Report: Prevent 2°C, Prepare for 1.5°, and Do So Responsibly @CntrClimSec
  • Oct 24 -Yet another direct strike to U.S. citizens from a catastrophic storm, this time in the Pacific. in the very worst part of this ferocious Category 5 equivalent Super . via @MichaelRLowry
  • Oct 24 -Typhoon and/or tropical storm impacts (equivalent to a Category 5 hurricane) are expected for Guam and CNMI beginning today as a result of via @NOAASatellites and USACEHQ
  • Oct 24 -The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is working in partnership with the local and federal response for Super Typhoon . We have 35 personnel providing support both onsite and remotely, coordinating with local and partners via @USACEHQ
  • Oct 23 -“East Island was used during WWII by the military, but in the past decade it was used for research by biologists who lived on the islet…counting the Hawaiian monk seals, Hawaiian green sea turtles, and Laysan albatrosses, who all used [it] to birth to their young.” |Scientists Discovered An Island No Longer Exists After A Hurricane Wiped It Out via @OrianaPawlyk and @MBVD
  • Oct 23 -“Climate change affects how (the military) plans to compete with other great powers on the international stage.” Read more of ASP CEO op-ed in here via @amsecproject
  • Oct 23 -The U.S. National Hurricane Center warned Willa is likely to bring “life-threatening storm surge, wind and rainfall” to parts of west-central and southwestern Mexico via @NBCNightlyNews
  • Oct 22 -The global responsibility to prepare for intersecting climate and nuclear risks via @CntrClimSec

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