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Climate and Security Week(s) in Review: Oct 1-14

AMO Black Hawk crew surveys damage in Hurricane Michael's wake

Warehouses destroyed by Hurricane Michael near Panama City, Fla., are visible during a flyover by a U.S. Customs and Border Protection air and marine operations crew, Oct. 11, 2018. Photo By: Glenn Fawcett

Here are a list of notable headlines and comments on climate and security matters from the past several weeks. If we’ve missed any, let us know.

  • Oct 14 -Air security and defense for the continental U.S. is being handled out of an “alternate location” after Hurricane Michael virtually destroyed Tyndall Air Force Base, Fla., last week. via @starsandstripes

  • Oct 14 – There’s grim news on climate change. Will it lead to mass migration and conflict? via Washington Post
  • Oct 14 -Democracies that protect their populations against natural hazards are more likely to survive. via @ ForeignPolicy
  • Oct 14 -Surveying efforts from the quickly restored navigation channels in the aftermath of Hurricane , Oct. 11, 2018. This included the Port of Pensacola, Fla. and nearly 300 miles of the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway. Read more via @USACEHQ
  • Oct 12 -Our thoughts go out to our CAF members and their families, as well as the U.S. servicemen and women stationed at Tyndall Air Force Base and all others impacted by the devastating effects of Hurricane Michael. Stay safe and strong – your Forces will support you in the recovery. via @CanadianForces
  • Oct 11 -Tyndall Air Force Base sustained “catastrophic’’ damage as struck the Florida installation head on, destroying buildings and potentially leaving the post vacant for weeks via @startsandstripes
  • Oct 13 –: In the last 10 years, 80% of all disaster displacement was in Asia? Caused by mega-disasters like and the 2017 monsoon season which affected 42 million people in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka via @Federation
  • Oct 12 -Good Morning from last day of from Nairobi. Happng now is Panel discussion on Migration, Mobility, Conflict, Security and Climate Nexus. Keynote from Prof Henry Mutembei ~ Directr Wangari Mathai Institute for Peace and Envtal Studies Kenya @ via @Peterlabeja
  • Oct 11 -Lt. Gen. Todd Semonite, USACE CG, discusses the ‘s support to the response today on MSNBC. When disasters occur, USACE teams and other resources are mobilized from across the country to assist our local districts and offices to deliver our response missions via @USACEHQ
  • Oct 11 -USACE is working in partnership with the local, state, and federal response for . We have more than 100 personnel who are providing support both onsite and remotely, coordinating with local, state and partners via @USACEHQ
  • Oct 11 -JUST IN FROM AIR FORCE: “Initial assessments of the damage at Tyndall Air Force base have identified severe damage to the base infrastructure. There is no power, water or sewer service to the base at this time. All personnel assigned to ride out the storm are accounted for..1/2No injuries reported. The Air Force is working to conduct aerial surveillance of the damage, to clear a route to the base and to provide security, potable water, latrines and comms equipment. The base will remain closed and airmen should not plan to return at this time.” 2/2 via @Oriana0214
  • Oct 11 -There are no international rules governing those forced to leave home by climate change, and the urgency of these questions will only grow in the coming years, writes via @ForeignAffairs
  • Oct 10 -Climate change and increased economic activity are putting the GBM Basin at risk of overuse. As a result, India and its neighbors must increase multilateral cooperation to promote regional water security. New from via : via @CarnegieEndow
  • Oct 10 -Following on IPCC report, important to recognize that impacts of climate and environmental change are already being felt, and if exacerbated, could pose serious security challenges around the world |As Unusual Drought Hits Eastern Nepal, Farmers Migrate to Get By via @mekongfm
  • Oct 11-FRI 26 OCT – Arctic and Antarctic Security: As the climate warms, the polar regions are gaining significance in international relations. Join us for a lunchtime panel of international experts to discuss the challenges of the regions:
  • Oct 10 -Major storm surge from Hurricane Michael is expected to hit Florida’s Tyndall Air Force Base via @starsandstripes
  • Oct 9 –’s President , speaking during his country’s 58th Independence Day anniversary, highlighted concerns about the impact of the conflict and climate change-induced environmental degradation, on @UNhumansecurity
  • Oct 9 -Environmental chief Isa Kalantari warns that Iran faces losing 70 percent of its farmlands in 20 – 30 years, if urgent action isn’t taken to overcome its climate problems via @hdagres
  • Oct 9 -For the first time ever, African and Arab states are coming together to jointly address implementation. To achieve sustainable development, countries must commit to lowering disaster risk. via @PreventionWeb
  • Oct 7 -Since late Friday till now: – Floods in killed at least 9 & affected 37 cities in 6 provinces. – 675 volunteers from continue transporting ppl to 317 shelters at or mosques. – 2600 ppl received relief support via @IFRC_MENA
  • Oct 6 -Oct 4th Research Unplugged presentation, sponsored by is now online. “Climate Change and National Security: People, not Polar Bears” by David Titley via @CNETCentreCo
  • Oct 4 -How a Metastasizing Food Crisis Threatens Sudan’s Stability: A Dispatch from Khartoum via @CntrClimSec
  • Oct 5 -The last of the C130 Hercules aircrafts arrives in Indonesia to support ’s efforts to deliver critical relief supplies to the people of Central . Cc: via @usembassyjkt
  • Oct 3 -Happening now: addresses the East Asia Foundation Seminar on “Reducing Global Threats: Nuclear Dangers and Climate Change” during his visit to Seoul. He notes that dialogue is the key to resolving today’s security challenges via @johnsonrc01
  • Oct 4 -“Climate change has huge national security impacts…” James Clapper speaking at via @levijwest
  • Oct 4 -Good meetings throughout on pertinent crisis situations and German priorities for UNSC19/20.Conflict prevention,climate & security,humanitarian affairs,peace operations, reforms,human rights,migration&women, peace, security with UN officials and partners. via @GERMANYonUN
  • Oct 4 -Upcoming Event: Climate-Related Security Risks and Policy Responses (8 October 2018 | Uppsala, Sweden) For more information, please visit: via @EnvPeacebuild
  • Oct 4 -Argentina had its hottest September on record. Temperatures 1.8°C above the long-term average via @WMO
  • Oct 3 -Finding Climate Change Between the Lines in the National Defense Strategy via @CntrClimSec
  • Oct 2 -The disruption to the earth’s climate will ultimately command more attention and resources and have a greater influence on the global economy and international relations than other forces visible in the world today via @ForeignAffairs
  • Oct 1 -The still unfolding tragedy in Indonesia from the horrific tsunami is a reminder of the importance of technology in our warning system. It’s easy to overlook this, but investing (and reinvesting) in monitoring networks saves lives via @MichaelRLowry |None of the 22 buoys spread over Indonesia’s open water to help monitor for tsunamis had been operational for the past 6 years via @nytimes

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