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Climate and Security Week(s) in Review: September 4-16


The South Carolina Air National Guard and 169th Fighter Wing prepare to deploy from McEntire Joint National Guard Base to support civilian agencies for Hurricane Florence. CAYCEE WATSON/AIR NATIONAL GUARD

Here are a list of notable headlines and comments on climate and security matters from the past several weeks. If we’ve missed any, let us know.

  • Sept 15 – All 13 Soldiers and 2 Blackhawk helicopters arrived at the McGhee Tyson ANG Base in Tennessee. The unit is now one of many waiting for the worst of to pass before moving further into the Carolinas to begin relief operations. via @NENationalGuard
  • Sept 14 -More than 5 million people are at risk from the storm, which the Hawaii-based Joint Typhoon Warning Center categorizes as a super typhoon with powerful winds and gusts equivalent to a category 5 Atlantic hurricane via @starsandstripes

  • Sept 13 -Marne Air Soldiers begin preparations to shelter the fleet during Hurricane Florence. We’re prepared to assist in recovery operations after the storm. via @3rdCAB
  • Sept 14 -Ready to Respond | and Marines and Sailors prepare to clean up debris for Typhoon relief efforts in Rota, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands via @PacificCommand
  • Sept 14 – How do emerging security threats- such as violent extremism and climate-included conflicts, and new global developments, such as focus on , affect implementation of WPS in Europe and Central Asia? Perspectives from women activists! @AngieszkaFal
  • Sept 14 -“We also welcome the reporting with respect to climate related security risks as there is no doubt that they have a direct impact on the stability and security of the country. We look forward to receiving further information and risk analysis to this end.” via @KarolinaEklow |National Statement delivered by Ambassador on behalf of at the Briefing on the Situation in , 13 September 2018 via @SwedenUN
  • Sept 14 -First Q from ‘s : the arctic. : Yes, Russian activity up. has just agreed to a new North Atlantic command at Norfolk, that’s related to arctic. “I still believe it’s important to keep tensions down in the ‘high north. via @DefenseBaron
  • Sept 14 – Here’s the other Humanitarian Assistance operation happening right now, 14 time zones away from : and forces supporting HA/DR efforts in the Marianas Islands. via @dwtitley |Overshadowed by Florence, Navy and Marines race to save typhoon-ravaged Rota via @NavyTimes
  • Sept 13 – “DoD is prepared, positioned, and ready to respond immediately for affected communities,” said Gen. O’Shaughnessy, commander of NORAD and USNORTHCOM, during a press conference held today regarding Hurricane Florence. To view the press conference go to via @Norad_Northcom
  • Sept 14 -LTG Todd Semonite, USACE Commanding General and 54th Chief of Engineers, provides an update on the ‘s preparedness to support those affected by Hurricane this morning. Learn more about our response efforts in support of here via @USACEHQ
  • Sept 12 – Republican Senator Thom Tillis (NC) Highlights Military’s Concerns About Climate Change as Important Factor in His Evolving Approach to the Issue via @CntrClimSec
  • Sept 12 – Maj Gen Rick Devereaux, USAF (Ret), Former Dir. of Operational Planning, Policy & Strategy, U.S. Air Force and Adv. Board, Center for Climate & National Security will be panelist at , featuring Senatorial candidates Tim Kaine & Corey Stewart via @FaithforClimate
  • Sept 12 – The latest on the military versus Hurricane Florence, and why some troops are looking this storm right in the eye. via @MilitaryTimes
  • Sept 12 -I’m told soldiers at are on standby for possible hurricane relief operations. Last year, soldiers from the command responded to hurricanes Harvey, Maria and Irma. via @DrewBrooks
  • Sept 12 -USACE has received 13 mission assignments for Hurricane including – National Activation, Regional Activations, Temporary Emergency Power, Debris, Infrastructure Assessment, Water and Wastewater Assessment, and Temporary Roofing via @USACEHQ
  • Sept 12 – Military bases brace as Florence shifts path, Parris Island Marines to weather the storm via @starsandstripes
  • Sept 12 -Today, nearly 3,000 National Guard members from Guam, Hawaii, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia are on duty responding to or preparing to respond to hurricanes and a typhoon. via @USNationalGuard
  • Sept 11 -Hurricane in the Atlantic, typhoon in the Pacific: Here’s what military bases and troops are doing to be ready. via @MilitaryTimes
  • Sept 11 – About 400 trailers are in the process of being staged at ’s Simmons Army Airfiles in preparation for Hurricane Florence via @FORSCOM
  • Sept 11 -The has 2,000 Soldiers & Airmen today around supporting our community partners in advance of . Main effort is assisting with evacuations from coast. Follow for updates & advisories via @SCNationalGuard
  • Sept 10 -Update: The Marines recruit training facility at Parris Island in South Carolina will begin mandatory evacuations Tuesday to elude Hurricane Florence as the storm moves to strike the East Coast, officials announced via @starsandstripes
  • Sept 10 -Maj. General Robert Livingston: in position to deal with the storm as it comes in and the aftermath. 1,600 soldiers on duty. That number will increase as needs increase via @MichalHigdon
  • Sept 10 -‘We do need to — from a military standpoint, even a national security standpoint — deal with the effects of a warming Earth’ Florida GOP House candidate runs on military record & links climate change to national security, reports via @EENewsUpdates
  • Sept 10 -“Ensuring Security of Supply and Green Energy Transition Denmark and Poland in the European Energy” Conference was organized by Polish & Danish companies & . Main topics of include: – – energetic transformation – climate security via @PolandMFA
  • Sept 5 -From quick on-the-ground training in and 360-imaging, to rapid management to feed public GIS systems, learn how and police crews joined forces to respond to the massive in our latest Webinar. via@WeRobotics
  • Sept 5 – One of the hottest July through August periods across Southwest California since records have been kept via @NWSLosAngeles
  • Sept 4 -A security agreement has been signed by leaders of the Pacific Islands which covers climate change and cybercrime via @SBSNews
  • Sept 5 -Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Island nations have signed a declaration highlighting climate change as “the single greatest threat” to Pacific people – ABC News

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