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Climate and Security Week(s) in Review: August 20-September 3

Typhoon preparation Kunsan Air Base South Korea

Airman 1st Class Pauline Umali, lifts sand bags from a truck during typhoon preparation at Kunsan Air Base, South Korea, JASMONET JACKSON/U.S. AIR FORCE

Here are a list of notable headlines and comments on climate and security matters from the past several weeks. If we’ve missed any, let us know.

  • Iraq risks a jihadist resurgence if it fails to tackle a critical drought and other climate-related security issues, according to a study presented to the UN Security Council via @AFP
  • Climate change is the “single greatest threat to the livelihood, security and well-being” of peoples of the Pacific, the Samoan leader said via @HuffPost
  • “Island nations gathered for the official 49th Pacific Islands Forum, with leaders expected to sign a wide-ranging agreement that places climate change on par with regional security issues.” via @wtmpacific
  • Spain ready to take part in the dialogue between leaders and partners: regional security, climate change & maritime security are the main topics of the discussions via @SpaininFiji
  • Forum Leaders meet Ministers/Ambassadors from 18 partners to region – discussing regional security incl. climate change & oceans. USA, UK, Sth Korea, Japan, China, France, EU, India, Thailand, Italy, Germany, Canada, Cuba, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Spain, Turkey via @sargentbeth
  • is a genuine risk to global … you have in the a partner committed to building resilience to climate change”. Strong words and statement of partnership w/ the by at Dialogue session w/ Pacific Islands Forum Leaders via @Cameron_Diver
  • Ambassadors around the globe in the . Diplomacy an important instrument of Foreign Policy for peace, security and development via @jo_leinen
  • Prime Minister Tuilaepa of , at the – “Our region is a more crowded and contested strategic space” and on the need for an expanded idea of security that includes human security and climate resilience via @HamishJWyatt
  • Migration increases significantly in communities hit by drought and floods. In areas highly exposed to climate-related natural disasters in , up to 75 percent of men between 19 and 44 years of age migrate: via @FAOclimate
  • The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is working in partnership with the local, state, and federal response in preparation for . We have more than 40 personnel engaged and coordinating with local, state and partners on the Hawaiian Islands via @USACEHQ
  • . and Prime Minister . Bilateral talks focused on global challenges, such as security and climate change, and PL-NZ relations. There are many shared values of democracy, human rights and int’l rule-based system via @PLinNewZealand
  • Heads of SOPAC maritime forces are meeting in Tonga to discuss regional security issues. Hosted by , the poolside setting belies the serious issues at hand including: climate change, trans national crime, IUU fishing, SAR response and capacity bldg. via @YoursAye_NZ
  • Osan Air Base remains in Tropical Cyclone Condition of Readiness 2, Camp Humphreys set TCCOR 2 at 1 p.m. and Kunsan Air Base remains in TCCOR 1 as Typhoon Soulik continues its approach toward Korea’s west coast via @starsandstripes
  • You do not need a landfall for a hurricane to be a deadly – billion dollar disaster. will likely be proof of that because extreme rainfall over mountainous terrain = catastrophic flooding via @BillKarins
  • U.S. bases in South Korea are preparing as Typhoon Soulik takes aim at the Korean Peninsula via @starsandstripes
  • History is being made today! A NOAA Hurricane Hunter P-3 is flying into a hurricane in the Central Pacific for the first time in their history! is on its way to Hurricane Lane from Honolulu and AOML scientists are on board via @HRD_AOML_NOAA
  • It’s Major General Stephen Day’s first week on the job as National Drought Coordinator. He’s already got his sleeves rolled up and getting stuck in via @D_LittleproudMP


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