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Climate Security Week in Review April 30-May 6

Carole_Landis_Armed Forces Radio

ARMED FORCES RADIO STUDIO, circa 1960’s. McCadden Place, Hollywood, CA. L-R TSgt. Bill Stewart and Carole Landis, Actress

Here are a list of notable headlines and comments on climate and security matters from the past week. If we’ve missed any, let us know.

  • “With the advent of climate change, we expect increased inequalities, more competition over less available resources. Any new security arrangements in the region should involve human security because water and food insecurity is a threat multiplier.” – via @ShrqForum
  • WASH team site assessment today to find best locations for installing water pumps and wells before people displaced from Myanmar relocate to Camp 123 ahead of monsoon season in Bangladesh. #Rakhine via @lynettenyman
  • Floods are a constant threat in Malawi. With EU funding the NGO are using to know when and where floods are coming, helping local communities prepare and evacuate before they hit. via @eu_echo
  • James on if the FBI sees climate change as a national security threat: “There’s a counter-intelligence threat there, there’s a national security threat there — so in a lot of different ways, it affects the FBI’s work.” via @CBSNews
  • URGENT MAPPING NEED for devastating flooding. Projects for experienced mappers and projects for newer mappers. Please visit if you have some time today. Small task squares go fast. via @hotosm
  • Discover how creates bridges through a network of international research partnerships to advance the use of data observations to generate innovative solutions to local, national & regional environmental & climate challenges: via @climatelinks
  • The Arctic can be the next innovation frontier for the US. However, the US will be competing with China’s plans to create a Polar Silk Road. See this article by
    @LyssaFreese and @GoodmanSherri in @ForeignPolicy: @TheWilsonCenter #BeltandRoad via @HFXforum
  • Floods in Kenya have killed more than 100 people and displaced over 200,000 since April via @AJEnglish
  • Almost 15 years of study and the climate change-conflict interaction is still contested. from analyses its development through 5 causal pathways: agricultural & food prices, economic growth, migration, disasters, & institutions MORE: via @ClimateDiplo
  • #KenyaFloods have so far forced nearly 260,000 people to flee their homes. @KenyaRedCross is focusing their efforts on supporting communities still recovering from 2017 drought. via @Federation
  • “The impact of #climatechange and #security related issues amplify resource competition and increase the risk of instability and violent #conflict.” Read our event summary from ‘Building Climate Resilience’: #FoEDebate #IPCC @FriendsofEurope
  • The is supporting the humanitarian exercise Beyond the Horizon, led by . JLOTS is a capability to move cargo from ship to shore, without fixed-port facilities. It supported Haiti after 2010 earthquake devastated ports there. via @southcomwatch
  • How can you maximise Early Warning System effectiveness? See the Revised Multi-Hazard Early Warning Systems Checklist, recently endorsed by the #Caribbean #disaster agency @CDEMAcu HERE @RHughJackson @WMO via @UNDPClimate
  • AID ZONE | Italian NGO COOPI is preparing Malawi residents to anticipate, react and recover in case of floods. More than one million people were affected by the country’s worst floods on record in 2015. Find out more: (with @eu_echo) via @euronews
  • “Climate Risks and Resilience – Highlighting Initiatives to Face Common Challenges” was the theme of a special meeting of The Hague Roundtable on Climate & Security at George Washington University (GWU) in Washington D.C. via @ihedelft
  • Glad to meet H.E Dr. Mohamed Asim, Minister of Foreign affairs of the Republic of Maldives: productive discussions on the bilateral ties btwn #Burundi & #Maldives, #SDGs Climate change, Sustainable tourism #UN Security Council issues & more @MDVForeign @MVPMNY via @ASingiro

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