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Climate and Security Week in Review: May 7-13


Vice Admiral Dennis McGinn, USN (Ret) on a Washington Post Live panel on The Energy 202

Here are a list of notable headlines and comments on climate and security matters from the past week. If we’ve missed any, let us know.

  • Through the Silver Jackets Program USACE can implement its Flood Risk Management Program at state level. Interagency Silver Jackets teams leverage resources to identify and implement solutions to reduce flood risk and assist communities. Learn more: . via @USACEHQ

  • Pleased that HASC adopted my amendment to improve water security on bases. Our installations are not isolated from the impacts of #climatechange & it’s critical that we prepare to address water scarcity threats, both in drought-impacted states like CA & around the world #FY19NDAA via @RepCarbajal
  • Defence force is ‘the insurer of last resort’ and ‘climate change is a peace inhibitor’. Defence must use a CC lens on their operations. Ian Cunming, Defence Security Advisor. via @crimatology
  • You often hear about sea level rise, but UN ambassador for tiny Pacific Island nation of Nauru says food security is an overlooked but major climate risk for small island nations. Prices spike if drought hits global supply chain. Reef collapse hurts local fish via @jessleber
  • “The newly inaugurated forum believes that tackling the receding Lake Chad, climate change, and other development issues cannot work without security.” on via @Chanda_lm

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