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Climate Security Tweets of the Week

UnderseaCableInternetHere are a list of notable tweets on climate and security matters from the past week. If we’ve missed any, let us know.

  • @AIA_Resilience ICYMI – recently a nonpartisan group of sr. military & national security experts facilitated by released reports identifying rapidly-growing risks to national security due to climate change & urging the government to take those risks seriously
  • @climatelinks Millions of $$ in investments have been made in weather & climate infrastructure in Sub-Saharan Africa over past few decades, yet sustainable services (CIS) remain elusive. Recent webinar examined the state of CIS in Africa today:
  • @Sticklor Using satellite imagery to increase disaster preparedness & improve climate resilience? This learn how & are joining forces to empower communities in 37 countries to create a healthier & more resilient world
  • @AuSenate A public hearing is being held in Canberra this evening into the implications of climate change for Australia’s national security Live:
  • @ritvahautanen #Arctic states want to continue constructive cooperation in @ArcticCouncil in spite of tensions elsewhere. The AC is not a fair-weather forum, but ready to continue its work in different climatic conditions. This is how Finland would like to keep it @saochair @FIArctic #arcticmet
  • @m_yonetani #Madagascar #Cyclone #Eliakim: Last report from national disaster risk management office (BNGRC), Sunday 19h00 = 17 people killed, 15772 affected, 6282 #displaced, 1271 flooded houses, 648 destroyed. via @Cycloneoi
  • @USAIDEastAfrica Farmers in Rwanda can now receive weather updates and seasonal farming tips directly on their mobile phones. The platform known as mAgri is an affordable digital software that provides agricultural information and services to farmers
  • @reliefweb On 19 March 2018, at the 8th World Water Forum, join a high-level panel organized by on behalf of focusing on the linkages between water stress and migratory movements globally.
  • @securityandclimate New FAO report on “The impact of disasters and crises on agriculture and food security 2017”. Damages & losses result from climate change, extreme weather, market volatility, pests & diseases, & protracted crises and conflicts Read the report #UNFAO
  • @DeptofDefense #DYK submarines have conducted under-ice operations in the Arctic region for more than 70 years?
    The @USNavy trains with allies during Ice Exercise 2018 on Camp Ice Skate, #Alaska. #KnowYourMil
  • @issuelab New exploration on the ‘Epicenters of Climate and Security: The New Geostrategic Landscape of the Anthropocene’ from @CntrClimSec and #SkollGlobalThreatsFund – read now on @issuelab
  • @MajGenMunir Great informed discussion and debate on the issues climate change and climate induced migration.This followed screening of the docu-movie ‘The Age of Consequences’ at the International FilmFestival in http://Geneva.It features a number of climate security analysts incl me.
  • @rabrowne75 .@PacificCommand’s Adm. Harris: “Russia has more bases north of the arctic circle than all other nations combined and is building more with distinctly military capabilities”
  • @CSS_DL European Regional Organizations and Climate-Related Security Risks: EU, OSCE and NATO
  • @MetOffice_Sci Vulnerability to food insecurity projected to increase as a result of climate change. Mitigation & adaptation required to avoid the worst impacts. New paper led by @metoffice, , presents research behind map developed with @WFP, .
  • @AriPeskoe In 2018, it is still worth highlighting a federal official that speaks clearly abt climate change. FERC Commissioner Glick: “Climate change is the single most significant threat to humanity, fundamentally threatening our environment, economy, national security and human health.”
  • @johnfkirby63 Superb bit of reporting by @jimsciutto & @ZcohenCNN abt @USNavy submarine presence, exercises in the Arctic. Vital region for our future, vital that we operate there. BZ to crew of USS Hartford!

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  1. Thank you for this great summary of important information available via Twitter! I’ll pass it on to my follow-up.

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