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Forthcoming Documentary on Climate and Security

The_PentagonThe Center for Climate and Security (CCS) is pleased to promote a forthcoming documentary film, THE AGE OF CONSEQUENCES, which explores the risks of climate change through the lens of national security and global stability. The film includes interviews with a number of individuals in the field, including the CCS’s Francesco Femia, CCS Advisory Board members Rear Admiral David W. Titley, USN (ret), Sherri Goodman, and Dr, Marcus King, and other leaders and experts, such as Brigadier General Stephen Cheney, UMSC (ret), Sharon Burke, Leon Fuerth, Tim Snyder, Mike Breen and Solomon Hsiang. The film will be released later in 2016.

Given the critical climate and security issues it addresses, the filmmakers are looking to reach a wide audience. This will start with an upcoming sneak peek in Boston, Massachusetts (Feb 19). Tickets are $40 and go to the film’s Kickstarter page (where you can also find a teaser video for the film). For more details, or to donate to the film see:

In the meantime, below are a few key quotes/ memes from the film:

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  1. climatedoc says:

    This looks great. Hopefully the hawkish presidential candidates who deny climate change will wake up and take it seriously. Try to get a trailer out soon.

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