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Reddit Climate and Security Q&A with Marc Levy

Water_distribution_in_Horn_of_AfricaIn case you missed it, Marc Levy, a long-time expert in all things climate and security, and currently the director of Columbia University’s Environment, Peace and Security program, hosted a Reddit Q&A on climate and security. Levy discusses the conflict in Syria, the COP21, the links between climate and conflict, and necessary policies to reduce these risks. Levy also touches on his ideal atmospheric conditions for meals. The exchange is worth a read.

If you still have questions, Marc gave a very comprehensive presentation on this topic several months ago on climate change, violence and insecurity. That video is available here. There is also a list of frequently asked questions on climate and security available on our Climate and Security 101 project. Feel free to submit additional questions to that website and we’ll answer them (or pass them along to Marc)!

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