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The Climate Security 101 Project: An Online Clearinghouse for Climate Security Questions

ClimateSecurity101_LOGORELEASE: The Center for Climate and Security Announces “Climate Security 101”: An Online Clearinghouse for All Your Climate Security Questions

Washington, D.C. — The Center for Climate and Security (CCS), a policy institute with an Advisory Board of retired senior military officers and national security experts, is pleased to announce its newest project: Climate Security 101 ( Climate Security 101 is an online clearinghouse of all the latest reports and policy documents on the intersection of climate change and national, international and human security. It is also an introduction to some of the most frequently asked questions, including: Is climate change a security issue? Will climate change cause war? Why do militaries care about climate change? Where is climate change the biggest threat to security? and How can we address the security risks of climate change?

In addition to answering the most frequently asked climate security questions, Climate Security 101 includes a Climate Security Chronology, listing important events and documents according to the year they were released or occurred, and a frequently updated Climate Security Resource Hub with lists of all major climate security documents and reports, including from U.S. and international governments and institutions, non-governmental organizations and academia. If you don’t find what you are looking for, or have question that wasn’t addressed in the FAQs, then Climate Security 101 also offers the ability to submit your own question.

Climate change, in both scale and potential impact, is a security risk that will affect our most basic resources, from food to water to energy. Preparing for climate risks requires a much better understanding of the nature of the threat. The Climate Security 101 project aims to answer the most frequently asked questions regarding the nature of climate risks to security, as well as act as a clearinghouse for the latest climate security research and policy documents.

To speak with a CCS expert on this topic contact Caitlin Werrell at cwerrell (at)

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