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Mark Your Calendars: Climate Security Events On the Horizon

meeting event room Grand Canyon lossy-page1-747px-thumbnailBelow is a list of upcoming climate and security events, mostly in the Washington, DC area. For those of you outside the beltway, many of these events will be webcast.

Dec 4 – (Today!) The GWU Elliot School of International Affairs will have a film screening and panel discussion: Extreme Realities: The Link Between Severe Weather, Climate Change, and Our National Security

Dec 4 – (Today!) 2014 Gilbert F. White lecture “Natural Hazards: Why More Knowledge Is Not Reducing Losses”, Registration closed, but will be streamed and available online after the event.

Dec 5 – US Institute for Peace is hosting a Peacegame on Peacemaking in an era of violent extremism, focused on Nigeria. While the game does not specifically address climate change, it may present an opportunity to explore connections between peacemaking and climate, water and natural disaster dynamics, which the Nigerian government has shown concern for in the past.

Dec 12 – American Security Project is hosting Deputy Under Secretary of Defense John Conger to discuss DoD’s Efforts on Climate Adaptation

Jan 7-8 – ACCO’s Defense, National Security & Climate Change Symposium



Dec 2 – Old Dominion University, The Hampton Roads Climate Preparedness and Resilience Exercise Series, video stream of the event

Dec 1 – Gregory Treverton, Chairman of the National Intelligence Council interview with the Atlantic Council on shifting risks and priorities. Comments on climate security begin around minute 47.23.

Woodrow Wilson Center, Environmental Change and Security Program – too many great events to list individually – check them out here.

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