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New Book: Arctic, Climate Change and Shifting Geopolitics

Russian_arctic_claimChristian Le Mière, Senior Research Fellow for Naval Forces and Maritime Security at the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), and  Jeffrey Mazo, Research Fellow for Environmental Security and Science Policy and Managing Editor of Survival at IISS, have just released a new book titled: Arctic Opening: Insecurity and Opportunity. It appears to be a promising read and a great addition to the literature surrounding the rapidly changing situation up in the High North. A summary from the IISS website:

The Arctic is opening. Global warming is leading to seasonal sea-ice retreat, which in turn opens hitherto impassable shipping routes and new areas for resource exploitation. Such changes are elevating the Arctic’s geostrategic value and stoking inter-state competition. The admission of five Asian states as Arctic Council observers in 2013 underlines the increased importance of the High North in global politics. And as the sea ice retreats, so military forces are redeployed northwards, raising the prospect of conflict. Christian Le Mière and Jeffrey Mazo bring much-needed sobriety to the discussion of change in the Arctic, outlining the possibilities of and limits to economic opportunities in the High North while providing a detailed examination of the political and military changes this might bring. Their analysis provides an invaluable guide as the region transforms from a parochial concern to a global interest.

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  1. Vlad Fomin says:

    The book – optimism and cheery methodological framework . My dream is to have and in the future. However, looking through the window and on the thermometer ( in Washington , DC , or my country house not far from Moscow, Russia), doubt set out the basics. Indeed, the available results of recent observations – optimistic. If afford to extrapolate them for the near future. But very high chances of making a mistake methodological level , leading to irreparable loss of the states and peoples of the Northern Hemisphere . According to one of the Laws of Mr. Parkinson’s , “Whatever may happen , it will happen necessarily .”

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