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Event: A Changing Security Landscape – U.S. Military Response to the Next Emerging Challenge

800px-United_States_Capitol_Building-_west_front_editThis announcement is on behalf of the Partnership for Secure America. They will be hosting an event tomorrow in Washington, DC and it will also be available online. Details are below. Don’t miss it!


*If you plan to attend, please RSVP at*

A Changing Security Landscape – U.S. Military Response to the Next Emerging Challenge

WHEN: Wednesday, December 4th from 12PM – 1PM.

WHERE: 2168 Rayburn HOB (Gold Room)

“… the challenge of global climate change, while not new to history, is new to the modern world. Climate change does not directly cause conflict, but it can significantly add to the challenges of global instability, hunger, poverty, and conflict. Food and water shortages, pandemic disease, disputes over refugees and resources, more severe natural disasters – all place additional burdens on economies, societies, and institutions around the world.”.
– Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, Nov. 22, 2013, Halifax International Security Forum

Please join PSA on Wednesday, December 4th from 12-1pm for a frank military panel lunch discussion with retired flag and general officers to explore this issue, provide insight on DoD’s strategic planning process, and discuss how America’s security community can stay ahead of the curve to avoid surprises. As policymakers debate the causes of climate change, the security community is focused on understanding how its impact on resources, natural disasters, and fragile societies affect America’s defense, intelligence, and development missions at home and abroad.


BG Gerald E. Galloway, Jr., P.E., Ph.D., USA (Ret.),
Fmr. Dean of the Academic Board, US Military Academy, CNA Military Advisory Board

VADM Lee F. Gunn, USN (Ret.),

Fmr. Inspector General of the Department of the Navy, CNA Military Advisory Board

GEN Gordon R. Sullivan, USA (Ret.),

Fmr. Chief of Staff, US Army, CNA Military Advisory Board

DATE: Wednesday, December 4th

TIME: 12pm – 1pm

LOCATION: 2168 Rayburn HOB (Gold Room).

RSVP to Please include your office/organization.

Lunch will be provided. This event meets all House and Senate Ethics rules.

The State Department, DoD, National Intelligence Council, and many others in the national security community have identified climate change as an emerging threat to U.S. security priorities and a new variable influencing the security landscape in critical regions across the globe. Described as an “accelerant of instability” by DoD, the impacts of this X factor are a growing concern for military planners with a vested interest in long-term strategic outlooks.

Earlier this year, PSA released a bipartisan policy statement signed by 38 national security and public policy authorities highlighting the security implications of climate change and calling for critical strategic investments in mitigation and adaptation activities. The statement can be found here.

 PSA is a nonprofit founded by former U.S. Representative Lee Hamilton (D-IN) and former U.S. Senator Warren Rudman (R-NH) to advance bipartisanship on today’s critical national security and foreign policy challenges. Leveraging the leadership of its distinguished Advisory Board, PSA has unique credibility and access to forge common ground and fashion thoughtful, fact-based policy that promotes America’s national interests. More information on PSA can be found


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