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UK’s ODI: Climate Change to Make Poor Poorer

Horn_of_Africa_lack_of_RainfallThe United Kingdom’s Overseas Development Institute (ODI) has released a report which argues that climate change may make the world’s very poor even poorer. This is primarily due to the fact that drought, extreme rainfall and flooding deeply impact poor and vulnerable communities, and climate models (and recent observations) paint a picture of an increase in those events. As reported by Environment 360:

Where disasters such as drought are common, those events are the leading cause of poverty, the authors say, rather than poor health or societal factors. Across the globe, up to 325 million people will be living in countries that face natural hazard risks by 2030, the report says; in sub-Saharan Africa alone, 118 million people in poverty will face extreme events.

The full report can be found here.

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