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Pakistan’s New Climate Policy

Amid a continuous stream of reports of Pakistan’s vulnerability to climate change, dramatic glacial melting earlier this year that led to the death of 135 Pakistanis, and recent dangerously low water levels in the country’s dams and reservoirs, the country’s federal cabinet approved a “National Climate Change Policy” last Wednesday. According to Pakistan’s Business Recorder, Minister for Climate Change Rana Farooq Saeed Khan stated:

…the policy is aimed at ensuring water security, food security and energy security and minimize the risks arising from expected increase in frequency and intensity of extreme events: floods, droughts and tropical storms.

He said it will strengthen inter-ministerial and inter-provincial decision making and coordination mechanism on climate change; facilitate effective use of the opportunities, particularly financial, available both nationally and internationally and to foster the development of appropriate economic incentives to encourage public and private sector investment in both adaptation and mitigation measures.

Given the country’s dismal security environment, it will be important to watch and see how, or if, this policy can be effectively implemented, and whether or not it can help reduce vulnerabilities, and increase resilience. Expect a lot more attention on Pakistan’s climate in the coming years.

Click here for more on the policy.

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