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Climate Change and Conflict: Journal of Peace Research Special Issue

The Journal of Peace Research has a special issue this month on climate change and conflict (January 2012; 49 (1).  As mentioned in the introduction to the volume, “The articles published in this special issue form the largest collection of peer-reviewed writings on the topic to date.”

The articles are currently available online, but read them quickly because in less than 30 days you will need a subscription for access.  The special issue covers a wide range of topics within the climate and conflict spectrum. The full contents, authors and abstracts are listed below.

Thanks to Geoff Dabelko of the Woodrow Wilson Center for the heads up on this.
Whither the weather? Climate change and conflict, Nils Petter Gleditsch

Research Articles
The publics’ concern for global warming: A cross-national study of 47 countries, Berit Kvaløy, Henning Finseraas, and Ola Listhaug

African range wars: Climate, conflict, and property rights, Christopher K Butler and Scott Gates

Climate change, rainfall, and social conflict in Africa, Cullen S Hendrix and Idean Salehyan

Come rain or shine: An analysis of conflict and climate variability in East Africa, Clionadh Raleigh and Dominic Kniveton

Climate change, violent conflict and local institutions in Kenya’s drylands, Wario R Adano, Ton Dietz, Karen Witsenburg, and Fred Zaal

Climate clashes? Weather variability, land pressure, and organized violence in Kenya, 1989–2004, Ole Magnus Theisen

Does climate change drive land-use conflicts in the Sahel?, Tor A Benjaminsen, Koffi Alinon, Halvard Buhaug, and Jill Tove Buseth

Climate variability, economic growth, and civil conflict, Vally Koubi, Thomas Bernauer, Anna Kalbhenn, and Gabriele Spilker

Civil war, climate change, and development: A scenario study for sub-Saharan Africa, Conor Devitt and Richard SJ Tol

Climate-related natural disasters, economic growth, and armed civil conflict, Drago Bergholt and Päivi Lujala

Don’t blame the weather! Climate-related natural disasters and civil conflict, Rune T Slettebak

Could climate change precipitate peace? Erik Gartzke

Climate change and the institutional resilience of international river basins, Lucia De Stefano, James Duncan, Shlomi Dinar, Kerstin Stahl, Kenneth M Strzepek, and Aaron T Wolf

Weathering climate change: Can institutions mitigate international water conflict? Jaroslav Tir and Douglas M Stinnett

Climate change and international water conflict in Central Asia, Thomas Bernauer and Tobias Siegfried

Climate change and security in the Israeli–Palestinian context, Eran Feitelson, Abdelrahman Tamimi, and Gad Rosenthal

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  1. […] et al., Hsiang et al., Mabey et al.,  Werz & Conley, and an entire special issue from the Journal of Peace Research, come to mind. In this work, “the security implications of climate change” is no mere frame, […]

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