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Analysis Roundup: Climate Change in the U.S. Federal Budget Request

The White House’s federal budget request for FY2013 is out, and analysis of the numbers for climate-related resources are beginning to trickle in. Below is a sampling of those assessments from the blogosphere, which we’ll update as more comes in:

Climate Science Watch: “President’s 2013 budget requests 6% increase for climate and global change research”

CNAS’ Natural Security Blog: “Earth Monitoring Systems in the FY 2013 Budget”

Climate Progress: “11 Most Important Clean Energy Provisions In the President’s Budget Proposal”

E & E News: “Obama stresses climate change and clean energy in budget that may be scratch paper for divided Congress”

Science News: “Despite lean times, Obama wants R&D hikes”

NRDC Switchboard: “Obama 2013 Budget on Water Infrastructure: Wrong on Spending Cuts; Right on Green Infrastructure”

Federal Times: “Obama budget more than double DoD funding for energy projects to $1B”

Environmental Defense Fund: “Clean Energy and the 2013 Budget Proposal

Biofuels Digest: “Obama’s 2013 Budget: what’s in there for the bioeconomy?

CNAS’ Natural Security Blog: “Energy Programs in the FY 2013 Budget”

Policymic: “Barack Obama’s 2013 Budget Supports Energy Security and Innovation in Industries Like Solar Power”

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  1. Jon Flatley says:

    There are some good things in there, but not enough. But with the divided Congress he’s dealing with he’ll be lucky to get through some of this.

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