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Event: The Energy and Climate Nexus: Challenges and Opportunities for Transatlantic Security Woodrow Wilson Center’s Global Sustainability and Resilience Program will be hosting the release of a policy report on the morning of the 6th that is sure to be informative.  The event titled, The Energy and Climate Nexus: Challenges and Opportunities for Transatlantic Security, includes a line-up of some of the top energy and climate experts from both sides of the Atlantic.  Here is a description of the event: (more…)

Climate Adaptation A Crucial Part of African Peace and Security

Severe_Drought_Famine_in_East_Africa,_April_1,_2011_-_June_30,_2011A report was just released from a two-day workshop held last November: Climate Change Adaptation and Peacebuilding in Africa. The workshop was co-sponsored by the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, the Institute for Security Studies, U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), and U.S. Department of State. (more…)

New Security Beat: A Look at European Militaries and Climate Change

The Woodrow Wilson Center’s Environmental Change and Security Program has posted an interview with Tobias Feakin, senior research fellow at the UK Royal United Services Institute for Defense and Security Studies (RUSI).  Feakin described the UK’s well-developed climate and security dialogue at the highest levels of government, as well as the evolving discussion among other European nations. RUSI’s work in this space is pioneering, and worth paying attention to. You can watch the video and read the transcript here.

Climate Change and Security in Pakistan: Ambassador Holbrooke’s Prescient Warning

According to Bob Woodward’s most recent book Obama’s Wars, the late Ambassador Richard Holbrooke, during a meeting on Pakistan chaired by President Obama, asserted that there was a climate change angle to the situation in Kashmir, where Indian and Pakistani troops were concentrated on and around the fast-melting Siachen glacier. His concerns were apparently met with incredulity, with some unnamed participants in the meeting later asking “Was Holbrooke kidding?” (more…)