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How a Hurricane Could Paralyze the U.S. Government and Jeopardize National Security

Photographic copy of an historic photograph (From the Navy Yard Historical Center). AERIAL VIEW OF THE NAVY YARD DURING THE 1936 FLOOD. VIEW LOOKING NORTHWEST. BUILDING 36, JUST HABS DC,WASH,74-F-35

Aerial view of the Navy Yard during the 1936 flood. Photo by Library of Congress

How a Major Hurricane Could Paralyze the Government and Jeopardize National Security or How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love Preparedness (cheesy reference to Dr. Strangelove for those who missed it).

Last week, Rolling Stone Magazine’s Justin Nobel wrote a lengthy article that asks a question not many people are asking: What Happens When a Superstorm Hits D.C.?. Center for Climate and Security Advisory Board Member, Brigadier General Gerry Galloway, U.S. Army (retired), one of the nation’s premier experts on flood risks to critical military and civilian infrastructure, was interviewed for the story. From the article:

When the big storm hits D.C., the resulting disaster may not kill as many as Katrina, or flood as much physical real estate as Harvey, but the toll it takes on American institutions will be unfathomable. The storm will paralyze many of the agencies that operate and defend the nation, raising the specter of national-security threats. Imagine, says Gerald Galloway, a disaster and national-security expert at the University of Maryland who served 38 years in the military, “the world waking up some morning to see an aerial photograph of Washington, D.C., with everything from the Lincoln Memorial to the grounds of the Capitol under-water – that certainly does not speak well for the United States’ preparedness.”


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